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    Hi. I just discovered this wonderful site and already feel more comfortable with my decision to hit the road in a month. I have always wanted to go on a road trip and now I have booked the car, took vacation time off work, saved a little money and outlined an itinerary....I guess I'm actually going to do it! And now...I need help!

    I will be leaving Toronto with my boyfriend on December 15th and return on January 15th. We are planning to go from Toronto to Nashville, stay a few days there, then go to Memphis, New Orleans, New Mexico and then travel the west coast to British Columbia and then back across Canada through the prairies to Toronto. We are pretty flexible and I'm sure many cities will add themselves to this list. I really want to see the beauty of nature rather than big cities. I've lived in NY so I'm more into small towns or different and excentric places. Open spaces, nice people...I'd love to hear different accents and see different ways of living eventhough I understand it's still north-America.

    My boyfriend isn't one to plan and wants to let the road lead the way which I'm rather comfortable with but I also rather be safe than sorry. I'm hoping that some road trip veterans can help me to think about things that I should plan for or bring along. I would also like suggestions on great roads to choose. Tips on what to expect in terms of weather? I imagine I can expect to face warm and absolutely freezing weather. Car maintenance? Tires? I would appreciate any advice or recommendations. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    One thing you might want to do first is take our roadtrip compatibility quiz. This is part of our Planning page.

    You are correct to expect freezing weather - especially in the plains areas, there are good reasons those areas are sparsely populated. Which way are you planning on coming across the border into the US? Into NY or into MI?

    I don't know if there are that many exceptionally obvious different ways of living, usually those things are more subtle. Accents are much easier to discern. You will find plenty of nice people on the road, and the truly eccentric locations tend to find you.

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    Thanks for the reply. I will be entering via MI and I think we will head straight for Nashville. Thanks for the compatibility test. It looks like our objectives are the same. Safety first but without too much planning in regards to itinerary and sight seeing. We mostly will follow intuition but I still want as much info as I can get.

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    Our #1 piece of advice to would-be road trippers is Don't overplan your adventure. If you do, you'll feel like you are on a forced march to your next destination and you will be nothing but frustrated when you can't stop and explore some discovery along the way or get waylaid due to mechanical problems, illness, etc. Just let your adventure unfold in front of you and allow time for the serendipitous things to happen along the way.

    Have a great time.

    Carol White
    Author, "Live Your Road Trip Dream"
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    Default One the Road 20 Days

    My wife and I love nothing better than roadtrips and have just completed our longest ever, 20 days on Route 66 and coming back. We had planned on being gone longer, but after 13 days to get from Chicago to LA, we came back faster as we were ready to get home. We had originally planned a whole month.

    Do make sure you get off the interstates whenever possible or feasible.

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