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    I am forty years old and a professional person living in New Jersey. My daughter is in college now and once she is finished, my dream is to sell everything and go out on the road and see the United States. Would like to travel from place to place and stop occasionally to work to make more money to keep moving. Obviously would want to see the warm states in the winter, colder ones in the summer (I am not a skiier). I don't know the best way to get started with this journey. There wouldn't really be any time constraints for me. Just curious to see if anyone has any thoughts about jobs I could do as I traveled. Places I should definitely see in my journey? Anyone ever do anything similar? Know of any good books to read on the subject?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eileenmalia View Post
    Just curious to see if anyone has any thoughts about jobs I could do as I traveled.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. There have been a couple of books written offering advice about finding work when living on the road -- but the absolute best one has just been completely revised and updated. The author wrote it for RVers but most of the recommendations apply to any form of roadtripping travel. Take a look at Megan's new review of Jaimie's book here.


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    Thank you so much for that resource. I will definitely get the book. Looks like it has great ideas in it.

    I appreciate your help.


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