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    Default Happy 80th Birthday- US Highways

    This November 11th will mark the 80th anniversary of the commissioning of the US Highway System. This also includes good 'ol Route 66.

    Quite a few Route 66 museums are planning celebrations, from Victorville, Ca., to Galena, Ks. (where they will unveil the inspiration for Cars' Tow Mater which was finally found) to Joliet, Illinois.

    The Rt 66 Assoc. of Illinois is planning a motorcade of classic cars from the 66museum in Pontiac and will be on hand for the dedication of a Route 66 painting, a road statue, and rededication of an original Lincoln Highway 1928 Boy Scout marker.

    After cake and ice cream, the motorcade will continue on to Bolingbrook for dinner at the famed White Fence Farm. Please pass the chicken.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  2. Default So many roads, so little time...

    80 years, eh? And there are still so many I haven't driven, and so many that are now history forever before I got the chance! I'm no stranger to the superslab, but I wholeheartedly love the two-way blacktops. US89 is a favorite, US54 likewise. Future plans include end to end runs on US83, and US93. Also as much of US30 and US80 as still exist.

    Traveling the two-way highways is a different kind of experience -- and lends itself to the moseying kind of trip I love. Still, it is the driving that is the lust and adventure -- for me; moseying doesn't usually mean taking that much time in any one place -- but just proceeding with my own personal parade at a leisurely speed! So happy anniversary to the Great American Highway, whatever your "stripe!" May I drive you soon!

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    Default Goals

    Years ago, I remember one goal I set for myself was to drive the length of US-20, and US-1. I still have not achieved this goal (it doesn't have to be all in one shot), but I hope to have it complete before the 100th anniversary of the highway system. I guess I can feel good that I've got about 1/3 of US-20 under-tire. US-1, well, let's just say there are some things left incomplete.

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    Default Nothin' Like a Two Laner

    Few things compare with a trip down a two lane highway, espcially when you're not on a schedule. I like the way they follow the contours of the land.

    I have been on the Lincoln Highway for most of Ohio through Iowa, and a bit into Nebraska. We've been the whole length of 66. I have done all of US 421from Michigan City, Indiana down to the NC coast at Wilmington, part of US 70 from the NC coast to Nashville, US 41 from Nashville to Green Bay as well as the National Road through Illinois.

    Two others are US-54 from Tucumcari, NM to Illinois, and US 52 from the Mississippi River to Winston-Salem, NC.

    Likewise, I'm working on US 20, but so far only in Illinois.

    My favorite two-laner is US 12, and I've been that through Illinois to the Wisconsin Dells. Seriously planning on doing the whole thing in 2007.

    I also like the state roads.

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