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    we are an Irish family of 5, 15,14,12 year old boys, who are hoping to hire an RV from San Francisco and spend approximately 2 weeks on the road. We want to take in Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon. Can any one please suggest a route that will provide fun and adventure for 3 active boys and a relaxing holiday from stressed out Mum. We plan to travel with our American family that includes 2 newly wed 23 year olds!! All help will be much appreciated. ps are there any pit falls in renting RV that i should be ready for?
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is a ton of help around here for trips like yours. The San Francisco - Yosemite - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon trip is undoubtedly the single most talked about route on the forum. Put some of those words into the Forum's Search feature (on the green bar just under your username).

    There are also tons of articles about RVing in the Roadtrip Planning section of this website. Two of them that you might find most helpful include How to Rent an RV and The Pros and Cons of an RV Roadtrip.

    Happy Planning!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    (Repeating some of what Michael had to say, but...)

    Hmmmm... 7 folks in an RV for two weeks, and Mum wants a 'relaxing' holiday? I suppose it can be done, but it's going to require some help from the new young couple. The itinerary of your trip is the easy part. You're looking at a loop that can be travelled in either direction, but for purposes of travelling the Pacific Coast Highway in an RV, I'm going to strongly suggest that you do it in a counter-clockwise (I think you all say 'anti-clockwise') direction: San Francisco, PCH, Santa Barbara, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite, San Francisco. Doing it in this direction puts you on the ocean side of the road as you travel south making pulling off, and especially getting back on, the road to see the great sights a whole lot easier. I'm also going to strongly suggest that the young couple bring their own car or that you hire a second vehicle. That way you get to sort out your sons according to who's not fighting with whom at any given time, and/or give each of the adults some time on occasion with no kids. My other piece of advice would be to make frequent stops, no more than 2-3 hours on the road without a break, to let the boys get out, run around, and expend some energy. That shouldn't be too tough on the route you'll be driving, there are plenty of great stops along the way in addition to the major attractions you'll be visiting.

    If you've never driven an RV before, be sure to read up on RVing in general, as well as some safety checks to perform when you first pick it up.

    You may have noted by now that I've had nothing to say about the actual places you're going to be visiting or the best routes between them. That's because they've already been extensively covered in previous threads on these forums. At the right side of the green toolbar at the top of this thread you'll find a Search function that will lead you to them. Try entering two sequential destinations for each search to get info on both the termini and the roads between. Once you've seen what people have already had to say, let us know if you have any more questions. We're always here and you've got some time to plan. You're in for a great time, so relax and enjoy yourself, Mum.


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    Hi - Thank you for your speedy replies.
    I Would just like to clarify at this stage that i have not taken complete leave of my senses!!! there will be 2 RVs - 1 for Irish family of 5 and 1 for American family - otherwise we would be reading about Murder on Pacific Coast Highway!
    thank you for your really helpful suggestions. I'll navigate the site as suggested and come back to ye if i need more help
    Bye for now

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