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    Default Hurricane Season?

    My 2 friends and I are starting to plan our annual spring trip, but I wanted advice before we started down plans. We have a couple of destinations that I wanted to know what everyone thought. We are thinking either late March or Mid to Late April

    1. Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC - Our fear here is that we are going to hit hurricane season. This might be a stupid fear, but when does hurricane season really hit the east coast?

    2. Boston and Salem, MA and then maybe swing to hit Washington D.C. - Isn't there huge traffice problems in Boston? And do they have some sort of transportaion such as trains or what not?

    3. Yellowstone area - Will there still be too much snow and what not this time of year?

    5. Grand Canyon trip by way of Colorodo Springs and then coming back and hitting Texas - is there a lot of empty road this way?

    We are 3 girls (All aged 22) if that makes a safety difference. Also, we are starting out from the St. Louis Area.

    Any suggestions of other destinations or any help or comments for my destinations we are thinking of are greatly appreciated. We want the trip to last about one week, leaving on a Saturday and Ending on a Saturday... Camping is a possibility we are thinking off. Other than that, the cheapest hotel that we can find. We also like all the corny stuff... last year we saw the biggest chest of drawers in High Point, North Carolina and Foamhenge (AWESOME!) in Virginia.


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    Default Not the season

    Hurricane Season generally runs from June into November, so you won't have any problems with that on a spring trip.

    Boston's traffic is pretty bad, and using public transportation would likely be a good idea. Check out the Official website for the MBTA for more details about it.

    There is a decent chance of seeing snow in Yellowstone in early spring. How much exactly would just depend upon the year.

    A trip to the Grand Canyon via Colorado would go through both plains and mountains. However, there really is no such thing as an empty road - just closed minds.

    All of your destinations would be possible as a weeklong trip - it certainly is one of the great things about starting smack dab in the middle of the country. However, it will likely be pretty cool for camping most places. Unless you hit some unseasonably warm weather, you'd most likely want some good 3 season gear to be comfortable.

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    Default Traffic & costs

    I second the vote to take the "T" when you're in Boston. It will save you a bunch of aggravation, and it is, for the most part, pretty reliable (though not up to Washington, DC Metro standards).

    Journeying up to Salem will be better done by car. The traffic along this corridor can be tight, but if you time it correctly, you shouldn't have much trouble. Finding a reasonably priced hotel in the area may be difficult, however. I would stick to the suburbs or exurbs for that. An hour outside of the city makes a huge difference in price.

    I would suggest going to DC on the way from SC, before coming up to Boston.

    It can snow in Yellowstone any month of the year - I've seen it snow there in July.

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    Default Thanks for all the help so far

    Thanks so much for the help so far. We've almost completely decided on a Southeast Coast line traveling down to the gulf road trip. We are just too afraid of hitting bad weather up north in April, so we are probably going to keep that roadtrip for sometime in the summer.

    But before we rule that out - is the weather that bad in March/April for the Northeast (And I mean all the way up to Maine and what not)

    Any help with neat destinations in the South are always appreciated. Right now we plan on hitting Gatlinburg TN, Charleston, S.C, Savannah, GA, driving down to the top of Florida, driving across to Baton Rouge, continuing to Houston TX, up to Dallas, then across to Memphis in order to hop I-55 to St. Louis.

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    Default Southern Coast

    I took this trip this past summer. I flew into Raleigh NC, drove to Wilmington, then south to Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, St. Augustine (they claim to be the oldest town in America) and then flew back home. By my self, 23 year old female.

    Check out this site. they list some good stuff to see and roads to take.

    From Charleston to Savannah, I would take I-17. Its back roadish and beautiful. In Charleston I stayed over the river in Mt Pleasent at Best Western. Best price I could find. I only spent an afternoon. Great shopping on I think its King street. Lots of high end shops. Old and beautiful. They have a Jimmy Buffett Margarita Ville store. Loved it!

    Savannah, I stayed at the Best Western on the River Front. It was under $100, cheapest there. And within walking distance of everything. When you get off the bridge of 17 there is a visitors center that sells tour passes. I recomend getting the Red Trolly On and off tour pass. The boat tour is not worth the price, neither is the ghost tour. really corny. But the on/off pass is great. You can only use it one day so start early. They have 15 or so drops around the city and they tell you all about its enchanting history. You can get off when you see something interesting and then get back on later. they run by every stop every 20 minutes.

    Also, grab the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". Dont watch the movie. it killed the story. Its a book writen by a journalist that fell in love with the city and its residents. he give good history and really peeks your interest.

    Hueys on the river front. Its names after the assisanated govener of Louisianna that some said he would have been president. Its New Orleans style food with a gret bar next door. You can get good drinks and walk with them down the shore line. There are street performers playing soulfull music all night.

    Mrs Wilks Boarding house. Its on the tour map from Red Trolly, or you can as anyone. Its about $15 for lunch, but so worth it. Get there a little early, around 11 or the line is killer. Its family style. You sit at a table for 10 with strangers and pass the food. they serve sweet tea, 15 sides, 3 meats and 2 breads. Its a "pass the potatoes" meal. Aswesome food with a good story behind it.

    Lady & Son's. That is Paula Dean's restaurant, she has shows on Food Network. You have to get there at 9 to put your name in for lunch, and I think 3 to put your name in for dinner. But they will give you a time to come back and wait to be seated. extremly popular. But the food is awesome.

    There is a lot of shopping to be done. and history to learn about this enchanting southern town. I spent 3 days there and I am going back in January for more. I'll throw another post up here about the things I find. Look for it after 1/22/07.

    Good luck and be safe!
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    Default Thanks so much

    You guys are great! Anytime I go to make a road trip, the first thing I do is to come to this forum!


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