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    Default Chicago to New Orleans by bike

    Hello, I am planning on meeting in Chicago, and taking a road trip via motorcycle to New Orleans in late May.

    I will take about 10 days, but am flexible. The Main four Cities I would like to go through and possibly spend time at are Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, then New Orleans.

    I would love if any one has suggestions, routes, ,(I don't want to take Interstates), scenery, things one must see while there, or anything else interesting for the trip.

    Thanks for any advice and tips!


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    Default Follow the River

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There really are a million different options, but I think following the Mississippi would be a pretty good way to do what you'd like to accomplish.

    I'd take US-20 from Chicago to the Mississippi, then then follow the Great River Road all the way to NOLA.

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    Default Great River Road and/or ...

    A couple of specific suggestions:

    From Chicago down to St. Louis, consider the Illinois River Road, then as Michael suggested, the Great River Road is probably your first choice for continuing down river. Just be aware that the Great River Road is not a single continuous road but a network of multiple roads on both sides of the river and will require some forethought and navigation. One other option, particularly if this will be a round trip, is to come back up the Natchez Trace Parkway to around Nashville and then US-31 for a stop at Mammoth Cave National Park, and finally string together roads like IN-37 through Hoosier National Forest and US-231, IN-55 and US-41 through the midwest farmland of Indiana and back into Chicago.


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    Wow! Those are great suggestions! Thanks for taking the time guys. I have saved all those links to check out in detail.

    I may detour and take in the Grand Prix at Indianapolis Speedway, need to bump the dates a couple weeks so we are there June 17.

    It is a return trip so we can go different way there and back.

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    Default Thanks Guys...

    Thanks alot Guys....This is been a trip Sean and I have been wanting to do for along time...the suggestions are great.


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    Since you're going to be heading south, why not extend the trip a few days and head over to Deals Gap?

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    What is Deals Gap? Tell me about it, maybe we should headover there.

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    Default I'll be in Indy on June 17th!!

    Have you been to an F-1 race before?

    Anyway - I always drive up there from Shreveport, LA and really enjoy the sights in Kentucky. There are quite a few caverns (I've explored the Lost River Cavern and Mammoth Cave) and the Corvette Museum is right off the Interstate in Bowling Green.

    BTW - please tell me ya'll aren't Renault Fans. Just joking. Ya'll might spot me there. I'm usually head to toe Ferrari and my sister is head to toe Renault.
    We gets lots of looks and remarks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lhuff View Post
    Have you been to an F-1 race before?

    BTW - please tell me ya'll aren't Renault Fans. Just joking. Ya'll might spot me there. I'm usually head to toe Ferrari and my sister is head to toe Renault.
    We gets lots of looks and remarks.

    I've never been to a Formula race before, have wanted to for some time! I went to the Grand Prix in Edmonton AB last year, champ cars. I wear my Ferrari hat proudly though...

    We may check out come of those caverns and caves, sounds pretty cool.

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    Default The website

    Thanks for the responses and input...

    Our website for the trip officially launched today.
    Its really basic right now, but we will be putting alot of work into it over the next week or two. We will outline the planning, prep and of coarse the trip itself there will be lots of pictures and video. Love to keep hearing suggestions for the trip and our website.

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