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    Default How many Sierra Nevada Passes?

    I am just back in the office after covering Nevada Day events in Carson City, Nevada. On the way back to Las Vegas, I clicked off a couple more of the Sierra Nevada Mountain passes. I will be publishing an article sometime in the Spring about these passes. I am curious what passes you have been over and what you remember about it.

    Yesterday, I did Kit Carson, Carson, Carson Spur, Ebbets, Pacific Grade Summit and Monitor Pass. Whew! About the only ones I have missed are Luther Pass and the one north of I-80....


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default One state at a time!

    Geez, Mark. I'm still working on Washington State!

    I have yet to cross the Sierra Nevadas, I always end up going around them some how. Perhaps I'll have to do that some time soon.


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    I think all of them in California. ;)

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    Default Staying South

    I've crossed every pass from Yosemite south, and none of the passes North of Yosemite.

    I've taken CA-178 (Walker Pass) a number of times. I've always thought it was a nice drive, with a good chunk of the road running right along side Lake Isabella. I also really enjoy it because continuing west it goes through the Kern River canyon, one of my all time favorite short scenic drives.

    Sherman Pass I've only used once, and as a road to get away from others, its perfect. I took this route on the 4th of July, and I don't think I saw more than one or 2 other cars the entire trip. Its also kind of a road to nowhere. The east end dumps out several miles from anything on US-395, and the west end is an intersection where you can either head south towards Lake Isabella or continue Northwest back up into another little stretch of mountains that can either take you to the Sequoia National Monument or eventually back out to the Central Valley.

    I've also been over Tioga Pass, but it was 20 years ago, and I really don't remember much else about it.

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    Default Ebbets is my new favorite

    CA-Hwy 4 (on the west side of the mountains) runs through Murphys and up to Bear Valley Ski area. Just past the ski area the road narrows into a beautifully, paved, smooth road that is only about 1.5 lanes wide. More like a paved path than a state highway. It is a stunning road, several high alpine lakes and gorgeous views. A fair amount of cliff-side driving as well, so one does need to keep driving wits alert. It closes each year after the first significant snowfall. At about 8700 feet there is a beautiful lake called Mosquito Lake with cabins perched on granite outcroppings on the side of the lake. I have to go back some day.

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