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    Hi everyone, I have been lurking in these forums for the past few days, but I haven't found anyone yet with a very similar itinerary as ours. My fiance and I are planning a 3 week road trip from late May into June of 2007. We have a rough outline of the loop we'd like to make, but I'd love to get the advice of some of you experience travellers. We are excited to be seeing more of our country, and we hope to find some great places along the way that we can return to for longer in the future. Please let me know if there are any "not to miss" places along the way of where we're going (I know, very vague, but in your personal opinions), or if, say, there is a better road to take from A to B (better scenery, unique landmarks, etc). We have many times driven from the bay area down to the la area, and we are used to that drive, as well as driving a few times from SF to Las Vegas. We are not the kind of people to spend hours at a national park, landmark, or monument, but we like to step out, take pictures, appreciate the beauty, and then continue on.
    This is what we have so far (note that the cities I'm mentioning are just the big cities for reference on the map. Aside from a few big cities (Nashville, mainly), it is just an idea for a general vacinity to stop in):

    San Jose, CA to Reno, NV (leaving after work the first night)
    Reno, NV to Salt Lake City, UT
    Salt Lake City UT to Denver, CO
    Dever, CO to Topeka, KS
    Topeka, KS to St. Louis, MO
    St Louis, MO to Louisville, KY
    Louisville, KY to Vevay, IN (stopping in for an hour or so to visit with grandparents)
    Vevay, IN to Gatlinburg, TN (are the Smokies worth driving so far out of the way for? If we didn't go there, we'd head straight from IN to Nashville)
    Gatlinburg, TN to Nashville, TN
    Nashville, TN to Little Rock, AR
    Little Rock, AR to Oklahoma City, OK
    Oklahoma City, OK to Amarillo, TX
    Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM
    Albuquerque, NM to Flagstaff, AZ
    Flagstaff, AZ to Jacob Lake, AZ (taking 89 up in between the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon nat'l park, hoping to see one on the way from Flagstaff and one on the way to Las Vegas)
    Jacob Lake to Las Vegas, NV
    La Vegas, NV to San Jose, CA

    Any suggestions/changes/helpful hints?
    Thanks in advance everyone!
    Lauren & James

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, you "only" have to cover 5500 miles in three weeks, and such a trip can be done at a fairly leisurely pace, especially given your stated travel style. What we don't know are your interests, but a few of the places that you should be considering seeing as you progress along include:

    Lake Tahoe
    Virginia City
    Bonneville Salt Flats

    Between SLC and Denver, I'd suggest that you use US-40 and stop at:
    Dinosaur National Monument
    Rocky Mountain National Park

    Continuing on from Denver:
    Old fort Hays
    Truman Home in Independence
    The Arch in St. Louis
    Falls of the Ohio State Park (across the river from Louisville)
    Great Smoky Mountains National park

    Returning Home:
    Shiloh National Battlefield
    Beale Street and Mud Island in Memphis
    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Oklahoma City Memorial
    Cadillac Ranch
    Salinas Pueblos
    Petroglyph National Monument
    Grand Canyon (North Rim!)
    Valley of Fire (Las Vegas)
    Death Valley

    That should get you started.

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  3. Default thanks for the suggestions!

    We will not be hitting Lake Tahoe as we have been many, many times before and are going this winter, in fact. Our interests are good, local food, music & music history (hence Nashville), art (both local and in museums, although I don't know how much time we'll have for museums unless one is a must see), quirky roadside stops, moderate shopping, just seeing different terrain, lifestyles, atmosphere, etc. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I will definetly look into all of the places you have mentioned.

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    Default Checking It Twice

    In that case, add the following:

    American Jazz Museum, Kansas City
    St. Louis' music history
    Sun Studio, Memphis

    and just because I forgot it before...

    Walnut Canyon National Monument, Flagstaff


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