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    Hi, I am planning a trip from the UK to the East Coast next year in the fall, I like to be organised hence why I am booking already!! I have most of the trip sorted but I am after some advice for the last part of the trip. What I had planned was -

    1. New York (2 nights)
    2. Cape Cod area (2 nights)
    3. Boston (2 nights)
    4. New Hamps (Conway) (1 night)
    5. Vermont (green mountain resort area)(1 night)
    6. Skaneatles in Finger Lakes area (2 nights)
    7. Niagra Falls. (2 nights)
    8. Washington DC. (2 nights)

    I chose Finger Lakes to break up the journey from Vermont to n. Falls, not sure if this is the best option?

    My biggest issue is the Falls to Washington DC which is 480 miles which is a bit much to travel in one day, are there any suggestions where I can stop somewhere in between? Thanks.

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    Actually, 480 miles isn't really considered too much for one day, though if you're not used to it, it can definitely take a toll. Figure on ten hours to do that distance comfortably.

    What you could do is put Washington, D.C. at the beginning of the trip. This will roughly halve the distance you otherwise would have traveled from Niagara to Washington, DC, since you're now going from Washington to New York, about 230 miles.
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    Having driven a fair bit in the UK, I think that, as Tim has noted, 480 miles here will take considerably less time than driving the same distance there, Nevertheless, if your objective is to see and experience some of our countryside then, by all means, take your time. One scenic option for the Niagara to DC portion would be to first take in Letchworth State Park and then head down US-15 towards Washington. This road was widened and upgraded several years ago but is still a very nice, relaxing route over the Appalachian Mountains and down the Susquehanna River valley. Possible overnight stops would be Williamsport or Harrisburg, PA depending on how you want to break up the journey. Depending on when exactly in the Fall you make this trip, it could be gorgeous.

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    Thank you very much for the advice. Much appreciated and I can go ahead and book my trip! Have a great weekend.

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