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    First time poster here.

    I will be driving on i90 through South Dakota to Napa, CA a week from now. We are driving in a Honda Civic, so we are inclined to avoid bad weather. We have about 6 days to make the trip. Any thoughts on cool places to stop, roadside attractions or routes. We were thinking of going through Yellowstone if it isnt snowing.

    We plan to see Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Minuteman Missile Silo, Jewell Cave , and Custer State Park.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Some roads in Yellowstone are already closed, others are scheduled to close at the start of November. All roads in Yellowstone are subject to closure without warning in the event of significant weather problems which become more likely with each passing week. If you are "inclined to avoid bad weather", then I'd suggest that you save Yellowstone for another time and head down to I-80 by way of US-16, US-85, US-18 and I-25 to Casper, then using WY-220 and US-287 to Rawlings.

    Besides the places you have listed, other stops might include Wind Cave National Park, Salt Lake City and Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats, Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. With 6 days to cover a little under 1400 miles you can afford to take a very leisurely pace and really explore some of these places. Enjoy the trip.


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    thanks for the tips.

    has anyone been to Jewell Cave and Wind Cave? Any thoughts on which one is better?

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    Morg- once you actually get to Napa, several things to do that surround the city. Try this depending on what your interests are (can google these):

    Bale Grist Mill
    Old Faithful Geyser (just like the one in Yellowstone, but smaller)
    Petrified Forest
    Oh, and look up 'Mt Veeder Rd'. Awesome!!!! Overlooks Napa, amazing views!
    And several old spanish missions- like the one in Sonoma are definitely worth checking out.

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