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    Hoping for a 3 week holiday in September 07 and would like to travel the West coast maybe between Vancouver and San Francisco, saw some of Southern California last year and loved every minute spent in your wonderfull country. Any advice on next years trip my wife and I are in our fifties and share the driving. we enjoy meeting people, the natural world and exploring towns and cities.
    Roly and Jane Stagg.
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    September is a great time (kids are back in school and there are generally fewer travelers on the road) and three weeks is sufficient time to see quite a bit between the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area. The one caveat I would pose is that there may be a problem with landing in Vancouver, renting a car and trying to drive that rental across the border. So, unless you're absolutely sure that your rental company will allow such a thing (and will provide the proper documentation for the customs people) I'd plan on landing in Seattle and starting there instead. There have been many, many posts and threads in these forums detailing the things to see and do along the west coast. The best I can do for you here is to point you to two threads (Thread_1 and Thread_2) that, in turn will point you to many more threads. Have a good poke through these and see if they can't get you started on some thoughts for things that intrigue you.


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    Drive 101 down Oregon and Northern Californias coast. If you are into camping there are plenty of beautiful State parks on the Oregon coast.

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