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    Hi There.

    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark. My name is Colin, A Scotsman who lives in Denmark, Long story..

    I’m writing this topic because I’m looking for some help regarding “The Fall Colours in Western USA” Over here in Europe the fall its late this year and will peak around Early Nov but I understand that the USA has various peaks etc depending on elevation and position.

    Can anyone give me thoughts about “The Fall Colours” around California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado etc.. I will be starting in Las Vegas 27th October and will depart again from Vegas on the 15th November. I have a hire car so distance is no problem.

    My main interest is photography and I know there is plenty plenty to see but after seeing some of the USA Fall Eye Candy photographs on the net I’m looking for some action myself.

    Would you say that the last few days in OCT and start of November is to late? What area would people recommend for fall photography during those dates?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Could be a little late

    Quote Originally Posted by cabbott1 View Post
    I’m writing this topic because I’m looking for some help regarding “The Fall Colours in Western USA”
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. Here is some information about the eastern section of the USA, Here are some great resources for tracking current foilage displays around the USA, and here is an informal poll of what we have seen so far this year.

    In the Colorado rockies it may have already peaked, given what I saw in September. This is the site I use for eastern slope of the Sierras in California. And here is the current report for the Rocky Mountain area.

    I will contact some of our folks up in Baker and see what the Great Basin is showing right now.


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    HI Mark

    Thank you for your nice email, that info is just what im looking for.

    Got to say Im looking forward to my US trip next week.

    I was in the USA a few times this year, some photos you might like.


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