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    Me, along with about a dozen fellow graduating students are interested in taking a long road trip down the West Coast. Specifically staying along the coast itself.

    Are current plan is to start in Seattle (our home town) and head all the way down to Baja Mexico, and then head back up.

    We are interested in any general suggestions but I have a few particular questions as well.

    Firstly does anyone have any resources on camping on the beach itself? We would like to do this when ever possible so please, any info would be much appreciated.

    Secondly does anyone know about driving in Baja Mexico? I was under the impression that for some reason the Baja Peninsula was different then the rest of Mexico in that it was a "free trade zone" or something to that effect and you therefore did not have to get, for example, Mexican car insurance.

    Any information/suggestions is much appreciated!

    - Erik

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    A quick Google search and it appeared to me that the best option for camping the coast in the US would be state parks; in Mexico several campgrounds showed as well. It may be in your best interest to set up a reservation ahead of time, if you can, as I imagine that time of year these beaches would be quite occupied.

  3. Default You'll need insurance in Mexico...

    Hello Erik -

    You WILL need Mexico-specific car insurance in Mexico. Check with your auto insurance provider, or there are some places just short of the border along the highway which will sell it to you (no idea of the quality of that insurance...)

    For camping *on* the beach, there are a load of places you can stay -- some right next to the beach, and some like across the road from the beach. However, you'll probably want to get reservations, particularly if you're bringing a dozen folks.

    A good source I've used to set up camping reservations is This gives you access to many state parks and US forest service camping sites -- including many of the beaches. You'll still have to do your research about where and when you want to stay and for getting reservations (where, when, and how many). Also check the state park web sites for the states you are going through and the county web sites (googling is good....). While a lot are on places like reservemerica, a lot of the park systems aren't.

    Lay out a rough itenerary, look at some maps about good places to stay (google earth,, and Yahoo's map site are all good), and do a bit of research as to what good places would be to stay. Then you can google or search for the specific park or campground to stay at.

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    Larrison is correct, you absolutely need Mexican car insurance no matter where you drive in Mexico. US Auto insurance is NOT valid south of the border, and getting caught without it in Mexico will almost certainly land you in jail.

    As far as getting insurance, there are many places in border towns that sell it, and I don't think it is all that expensive.

    What I think might be different about Baja is the rules about bringing a car into the country. You'll want to look this up to confirm it, but I believe if you stay within Baja you don't need to fill out the paperwork and get the permits you typically would need for a trip into the interior of Mexico.

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