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    Hey ya'll,

    My friend and I are planning an ambitious summer road trip. I'm graduating from college this year and am heading off to law school next. So, over the summer, my friend and I thought we'd do something fun. So, we are planning a 2-3 month summer-long road trip, starting in houston, TX, heading west, looping up the West coast through Cali and up to Washington. Heading east and south through Wyoming Colorado and Utah, and back home. Our goal? To see as many beautiful sites, in particular national parks as possible. We're planning to go the cheap, college student route: staying in camp grounds, etc. Anyway, our goal is to hit as many national parks in the span of 10 weeks as is possible, while still enjoying what we're seeing. So, that's our "modest" goal for a couple of nature enthusiat college students. Any ideas?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two to three months on the road together is a long time, so I suggest that you and your friend take our RoadTrip Comparability Quiz one evening just to be sure that you're both on the same page as to what you want to accomplish on your journey. Also plan on spending a day or two every couple of weeks in down time, where you're not trying to accomplish anything and, in fact, can spend some time alone. Other than that, be sure to read through the Art of the RoadTrip and How to Plan a Great RoadTrip for more general ideas.

    As to specifics. Be sure to get a National Parks Pass that will let you both into all national parks for a year for the grand total of $50 - one of the truly great deals going. And once you have this pass and entry into all national parks and monuments is essentially free, be sure to check out some of the less well known parks. For example, most people who come to Arizona stop at the Grand Canyon but totally miss the other 24 national parks in the state. Look into places like Walnut Canyon, Fort Bowie, Canyon de Chelly and Saguaro. The National Park Service web site is, of course, a great place to find out everything that is available to you. One word of caution - make sure that your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach, so to speak, and keep your goal a bit more realistic. Rather than attempt to 'hit as many national parks as possible' plan instead on seeing fewer - 'as many national parks as we can enjoy'. But with 2-3 months and that kind of goal, you're in for a great trip.


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    Id say 3-4 days per park is what youre gonna wanna spend. Any less and youre gonna miss stuff, any more and youll be bored.

    Good luck to you.

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