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    Hi, I am new to this forum, and was hoping someone could give me some pointers for my trip. This December I am planning a trip to Arizona and california from Indiana. It is about 1600 miles to Phoenix from where I am at. We are going in the winter, so I expect some bad weather, what I am looking for is some interesting things to see along the way. We will be traveling on interstate 40 and 44 for the majority of the trip. Has anyone been out that way before and if so, is there anything that you think we should see along the way? We wanted to go to the grand canyon and also vegas, then maybe pop over to LA., just to say that we have seen it. I would appreciate anything you could tell me, or maybe some tips about taking a road trip this long in general. Thanks!


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    We drove back to the midwest from the Grand Canyon last month along I-40. The scenery was beautiful, but the truck traffic and construction were really no fun. It was like one big convoy of trucks and they all pass one another and you get stuck waiting for them to move over. We drove out west on I-70 and there seemed to be much less truck traffic that way. I-70 west of Denver goes through some high country and you might be in snow in the fall though.

    We stopped in Vegas and it's a really fun town, even if you don't gamble. The Grand Canyon is not to be missed. We stayed at a hotel at the south rim and it was awesome. The stars at night were unbelievable and we saw mule deer and 3 elk on the road going into the park. We stopped in Winslow, AZ and had our pictures taken "standing on the corner" which was fun.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    How much time do you have to take this trip?

    I-40 & I-44 generally run along the old US-66, so there are plenty of opportunities to check out some highway history. Other places along your general route:

    Meteor Crater
    Mesa Verde

    Phoenix to Los Angeles is about 370 miles, will you have enough time for this?

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    Thanks to both of you for your replys, We probably will want to stay as far south as we can. So we will probably take 40. We have about 8 days for this trip, I know it is not long, but hopefully the time together will be memorable. winter is pretty much the off season for the grand canyon right? How much was your stay in the hotel at the GC? was it pretty reasonable? we are looking to make it as affordable as possible. Thanks for the info!

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    Default Memorable: Not always a good thing.

    I'm sorry to tell you, but if you really try to bite this trip off in 8 days, it will be memorable, but most likely in a "I wish I could forget the nightmare" type of memorable.

    Assuming it is also roughly 1600 miles to Vegas (Phoenix is a long way from I-40, GC or Vegas), you'll need 3 days in good weather to comfortably cover this distance each way. That leaves you 2 days to check out the Canyon and Las Vegas before turing around and coming back home.

    And again, that's if you see good weather. A good snow or ice storm -which wouldn't be uncommon on this route - could easily keep you off the road for a day or two, or more.

    As far as GC motels go, the cheapest options are in Williams, about 60 miles south of the canyon. Unless they raise prices around the holidays, You can usually find a place there for under $50 that time of year.

  6. Default Grand Canyon Lodging

    Winter is the off season, yes, but there will still be lots of company at GCNP. Rooms are starting to get booked up for the next couple of months, but there are some still available at the Canyon itself, and the price is not necessarily that high -- you can get lodging at Maswik Lodge (South Rim Village) for $76 a night, and a few rooms are available at Bright Angel (on the Rim) for $89. Maswik is a short walk away from the abyss. Check them out at Xanterra's website.

    It is certainly true that cheaper rooms are available in Williams or Flagstaff, and those communities are only 1 to 1.5 hours away from the park, but staying at the South Rim is an unforgettable experience; I usually stay there if I can. Lodging is also available at Tusayan, just south of the Park.

    If there are no rooms available for reservation at the South Rim on your chosen dates, you might keep your options open for last minute cancellations -- then if you have to go to Flagstaff there's usually no need for reserving as there are a zillion rooms in that town and in all different price ranges, from skuzzy to 5 Star.

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