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    Hi! My family and I are planning a winter road trip from Florida to California over a period of about 5 weeks (December to mid January) We are South African and although we lived in the US for a year and travelled quite a bit, we have never done an rv road trip. We do not want to keep to a strict itinerary and therefore do not want to book campsites in advance. Are campsites likely to be full at this time of year? Is it possible to camp elsewhere (eg a quiet country road) should the campsites be full? If so, is it possible to operate a heater if we are not hooked up to electricity?

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    I really think you should be able to get by just fine without reservations this time of year. The only concern I would have is the week between Christmas and New Years, and even then, other than maybe Orlando or other major holiday tourist spots, I wouldn't expect much of a hassle.

    I think you will have more luck if you focus on public campgrounds like state and national parks which often limit stays to 2 weeks to a month. Private campgrounds, particularly those in Florida and Arizona, could potentially be filled with "snowbirds" (northerns who move south for the winter)

    Otherwise, yes, you can "camp" pretty much anyplace where parking is legal. I'm not sure about heaters, but I do know that many RVs have generators to provide electricity even when you aren't plugged in.

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