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    Default Thanksgiving vacation

    Running out of ideas for the thanksgiving vacation this year.
    I had thought of Catalina Island, Palm Springs, etc.
    Don't know how far it will work out.
    Another option to hit NorCal coast- Mendocino.
    How will the weather be? Rain?

    Any other appealing options?

    thanks in advance,

  2. Default November? Hit the desert!

    November is a perfect month to hit the desert for a road trip. Temperatures should be pretty good, although it may be cool to cold at night. But unless you're way off the road, you shouldn't have problems with rain or snow.

    From the bay area you might check out Death Valley and Vegas, or Mojave National Preserve, or even head east to check out Black Rock and some of the Nevada desert areas.

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    Default been there done that

    Been to Vegas, Death valley.
    Mojave is an option...camping???? good??
    but for 4 days? is there stuff to see?


  4. Default Desert camping is cool...

    Desert Camping is very different -- I enjoy it. Totally different than mountain or beach camping.

    There are a couple of good places to camp and wander in the desert --

    A bunch of places to explore in Death Valley that I've not been to (but would like). I think you can spend a couple of days there if you want to expand on what you've seen. For example, I've wanted to go to Racetrack, but its like 2+ hours each way from Furnance Creek and I've not had the time to spend on that.

    In Mojave National Preserve
    - Hole in the Wall campground, Mojave National Preserve
    - Mitchell Caverns (in the middle of the Mojave National Preserve)
    - Kelso Sand Dunes
    - Cima

    South of there, near Amboy and the old 66 there's hutting trilobyte fossils near Cadiz or just desert hiking

    Joshua Tree National Park
    - Jumbo Rocks (rock climbing!!!)
    - Samuelson's Rocks (bizzare.... and about a 2 mile hike each way cross country to get there)
    - A bunch of old mines to look over (I DO NOT recommend going into them...)

    The Hauser Geode Beds near Wiley's Well
    - In the middle of no where, but you can camp just about anywhere, and dig for geodes and other cool minerals.

    And of course.. the River..

    That's leaving out Anza Borrego and the southern desert too.

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