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  1. Default 2 Week Road Trip - Great Lakes

    hello all,

    i know this is way in advance, but since i am thinking of it, why not...

    three of my friends i are planning a 2 week long road trip this upcoming summer, starting and ending in newport beach ca, and spending a a few days at our destination of the great lakes...our plan is to go through the lower states on the way there and go through the northern states on the way back, and then take the pacific coast highway back down to so cal....any suggestions, tips, or what we especially need are suggested stops, as of now all we have is laughland and the grand canyon (possibly 4 corner states just for kicks)

    any and all imput would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance
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    Default A Little More Info

    Welcome to the RTA Forum! Its never too early to start planning for a Roadtrip!

    My first question is, what areas of the Great Lakes are you looking to visit? Are you interested in the major Cities, like Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland, or are you looking for more Nature oriented stopes, like Indiana Dunes, the Apostle Islands, or Niagara Falls?

    Without knowing much else, I will say that 2 weeks probably won't give you as much time as you think it will. Straight driving to Chicago will take you 3-4 days, minimum each way, and could take significantly more if you stop at places like the Grand Canyon, or plan on taking slow-going routes like the PCH.

    But if you give us a little more detail, we'll be able to provide some more specifics to help you on your way.
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    Ok, well first off, we picked the great lakes as the destination because 2 of the guys going have family there, one has family in chicago, with another house at the lakes, and another has family in michigan, and that family also had a house on the lake. And because the other two of us are competive racing sailors, and have heard of the great sailing on the great lakes, and would love to do that.

    We were planning roughly 2 weeks, but clearing 3 from our schedules, so if the trip takes up to 3 weeks, thats fine, and the only real thing we have set is where we are leaving and that we want to go to great lakes, everything else is up in the air.


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    Default The Lake?

    Which lake are you refering to when you say "house on the lake?"

    Are you planning on visiting all of the Great Lakes, or just a few of them.

    I don't know much about sailing, but it sure sounds like fun.

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    that is a good question, and i have no clue, all i know is that a friends family that lives is chicago has a lake house, and the other house on torch lake

    i am totally clueless about the area, so i really dont know about the other...but i'll find out soon

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    Default Start with a Basic Outline

    As a straight shot, L.A. to Chicago at just over 2000 miles could be done in 4 days. But as Michael has suggested. If you want to see some of the country along the way and spend some time on the Lakes, then 3 weeks for the complete trip is in order. With that much time, you could set up a very nice loop hitting places like Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, the Ozarks, and St. Louis gong one way and Colonial Michilimackinac, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower National Monument, Yellowstone, the Great Salt Lake, Bryce and Zion National Parks, and a final stop in Las Vegas on the way back. All of that is about 5700 miles, but lets you see a large slice of what's best in the west, plains, and midwest, as well as enjoy family and boating on the Great Lakes.


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    ok...that definately sounds like the way to go.

    i have another question for you guys, we are definately plannig to take 2 cars, and if we take our own te will be a tricked out 2005 scion tc, and a 2002 chevy 1500, crew cab with a shell. but we are also consitering renting something like a dodge magnum instead of the truck, (because the scion owner really wants to take his car) for gas reasons and just the added comfort of having new powerful rental car with full insurance, not no mention the wear and tear...

    what do you suggest???



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    Default Double the Cars, Double the Cost

    There are some pluses of taking 2 cars, like the ability to split up when you get sick of each other, but generally speaking, I am not a fan of the idea unless it is necessary. It doubles your costs, and you have to worry about keeping both cars together - which can be difficult if the two drivers have different driving styles.

    A Rental Car isn't a bad option, but this will also really boost your costs. A Magnum will almost certainly be considered a premium class vehicle, so a 3 week rental could easily cost well over $1000, not including insurance, nor fees for extra drivers. Plus, if you are under 25, you might not be allowed to rent that vehicle at all.

    If you take 2 cars, and especially if one of those cars is a rental, you'll need to decide up front how you are splitting up the costs. Will all 4 of you spit the costs, or will it be 2 or 3 of you paying for the rental, while the 4th guy just pays for his own expenses. That's the sort of thing that can make a trip go sour early on, if you don't have an agreement to start.

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    we all talked about it last night, and decided not to rent a car, btu we still want to bring two of them...

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