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    G'day from Down Under (cliche I know)... My partner and I are getting married in April 07 and are planning on taking the long haul to America and drive route 66 for our honeymoon. We plan on taking approximately 2 weeks to do this (question one - is this enough time??), and would preferably like to do this in a convertible mustang - 1964-69 (question two - do you know who hires these out for a reasonable price?). Other things I would like to know are what are the best sites to stop at along the way, or even divert off route 66 to see? We plan on staying in a mix of hotels and camping, so want to know where the best camping spots are and some of the more unique hotel experiences.
    Can't wait to hear your advice - I was so excited when I found this site, because I've been struggling to find the details I want.
    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Default But We Don't Have Land Trains

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums.

    Crikey! The first part is easy, Two weeks is quite a sufficient amount of time to wander the remaining segments of the classic Route 66. We offer a ton of links, comments, and recommendations and that's perhaps as good a place as any to start to see what's available and what appeals to you. The one thing I would caution you is to expand your vision a bit to the areas of southern California and Nevada as well as northern Arizona and New Mexico that are not technically on the Mother Road but offer some truly unique insights into the southwestern US. Unfortunately, while there are a few specialty rental agencies that might have a vintage Mustang to rent (most likely in Los Angeles and Las Vegas - but I wasn't able to find any in a moderately extensive search), I would doubt VERY much if they would be available for what could even be loosely termed 'a reasonable price'. After you've had a chance to check out some of the sites and make your own search for a classic (or even a modern) Mustang convertible, let us know what more we can help you with specifically. Keep in mind that it helps when you're specific as well such as where will you be arriving? How far down the road to you want to get? It goes (or went) all the way from Los Angeles to Chicago - that might be a bit much for two weeks. What kinds of things interest you? How about your partner (or don't they count?)


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    Thanks for the question, Aussie Michele and thanks for the response and link, AZBuck.

    I've been planning a solo trip along the Route since I last visited in 2001. I had plans to go last Fall but those plans were waylayed by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Now I'm looking forward to new plans. I, too, plan to travel the road in Spring 2007. Originally I had planned to take the train to Chicago and rent a car for the rest of the trip, but I may decide to just drive my car to Chicago and back home again from California, eliminating the decision on what to do with the rental car. Or perhaps, I'll either take a plane or train to get back home. That's the biggest decision of the entire trip.

    I plan to travel for at least three weeks if I go by train to the beginning of the road and then return home by plane or train. I'll travel four weeks if I decide to take my own car. The point of the trip (besides the fun of it) is to write about the experience for women who want to venture out on their own.

    I'm also interested in hotels, motels, and camping along the Road. Any ideas on great places to camp? Of course, what would be a 66 roadtrip without at least one night at the Wigwam? I do want to spend time visiting and enjoying the Road and its towns, not just driving it by day and sleeping by night. I have several books about Route 66 and quite a few issues of Route 66 Magazine.

    Any other suggestions would be wonderful. Yes, I do plan to stray a bit off the Mother Road to see and experience others things. Thanks so much for the link.

    Aussie Michele, you might want to get a set of the eight maps of Route 66 - a map for each state in runs through. The maps are very helpful in guiding one around those points where the Road disappears. I think I bought my maps at the Route 66 shop in Kingman, Arizona but they can be ordered online through the Route 66 associations.
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    AAA actually has a dedicated map set for Route 66.

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    Default Have you found it to be accurate?

    Quote Originally Posted by used2jeep View Post
    AAA actually has a dedicated map set for Route 66.
    I don't know if I have seen the current version -- did you find it to be accurate and useful? Oh, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!


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