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  1. Default November from Albuqurque to Farmington, NM to Denver, CO scenic driving

    Anyone know good places to see (not too far off of the beaten path) from ABQ to Farminington/Gallup back up to Denver?

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    Is really is a case where you have a million options.

    Start by heading towards Durango, visit Mesa Verde. From there you could head up the Million Dollar Highway, and continue north to Grand Junction and take I-70 to Denver. Or, you could cut over and take in Black Canyon NP on your way north.

    Otherwise, you could head east first, and visit Great Sand Dunes NP, and head back toward Denver via Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak area.

    That's just a couple of the options you'd have.

  3. Default thanks - for ABQ/AZ/CO info

    Thx - got a flight that gets in at 12:30 into ABQ, then we drive toward Farmington and stay there for the night, have an 8:00 work meeting in Farmington the next day. So, we'll have from 12:30 pm til whenever that night to kill from ABQ to Farm; then the next day we'll be driving from Shiprock down to (or up?) to Gallup. Have an hour meeting in Gallup, so then we will have from 9:30 am until 12:00 pm the next day to get from Farmington to Denver. I'll also have half a day in Denver and would like to drive around somewhere....

  4. Default Lived up there

    One of the prettiest drives anywhere is 64 between Tres Piedras and Tierra Amarilla. It’s some out of your way but worth the extra time if you have it. It’s about 300 miles and depending on local conditions will take 6 to 8 hours driving time. The road goes over the backbone of north-central NM, and the terrain is very high altitude. You can get snow up there even now. This is about 2 to 4 hours longer real driving than the straight road (550), but I think more beautiful most of the way.

    You’ll also like the ride from Shiprock down to Gallup – it is a high desert country, part of the Navajo Nation, and has a number of interesting rock formations along the way including the famous Shiprock itself. Very beautiful.

    For Farmington to Denver, most everyone will suggest the route north from Durango to Ouray along 550, but I like 160 over to Del Norte, then north on 285 through Salida just as well. The Rocky Mountain scenery this way is just as nice and it is the quickest route, saving about a half hour over any other way. Any way in Colorado is worth the drive though. You might plan a little extra time for checking out the attractions in Pagosa Springs, a nice little town along the way.

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