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    Hope this is not repeating earlier queries, but just need to common sense check the following which I've planned trip wise.

    Fly into Vegas, drive to San Diego stopping in palm springs and a few other places on that route, then take costal route up to San Francisco. Is 2 weeks a reasonable time frame for this, or am I totally underestimating the amount of driving that will be required?

    Also to do this in July/Aug time will the weather be unbearably hot?

    Thanks a million for your time on this.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two weeks should be quite ample time to savor the route you're going to be travelling. You'd be surprized at the number of people who think they should be able to do it in 2 days! For the specific tips of our many contributors who have driven those roads, use the search function at the far right of the lower green taskbar just above your initial post. Try these two searches

    1) Las Vegas San Diego
    2) Pacific Coast Highway

    July and August will be a mite toasty on the Las Vegas to San Diego portion. That is the Mojave Desert after all. But the climate along the coastal segment does not change all that much with the seasons and should be pleasant enough even in the summer. The hottest months along the mid-California coast are actually September and October.


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    Highway One is mostly a very picturesque road - From San Simeon (Hearst Castle), Big Sur, Monterrey/Carmel. Bit dull between that and Capitola and Santa Cruz (which both warrant visits). My mother lived in Capitola until her death it's just a quaint wee seaside village.

    Santa Cruz is fun for the Boardwalk - particularly to ride its infamous rollercoaster (if you like that sort of thing).

    The trip between SC and Half Moon Bay is pretty with some nice places to stop along the way.

    If you have had enough by then of looking at the Pacific Ocean you could take 92 over to Highway 280 and ride that last bit in more fast. So you could ride 280 right into 19th street and Golden Gate Park. it might be worth taking in Sky Line Boulevard for part of your journey as on one side you can see the ocean and the other the Silicon Valley and the Bay.

    Personally as a born and bred Northern Californian - I'd have to say one of my favourite places in the world - is Mendocino. Sadly it's a few hour's north of SF so if you did the coastal route the whole way up and took your time - you'd not have time to really catch the Wine Country and Mendo.

    Last march I drove down Highway 1 to Hollywood from Cupertino/San Jose via Santa Cruz/Capitola. I did it in ONE day. Breakfast in Capitola on the water, and a stop in Carmel for tea and a short wander. Brief stop at Hearst Castle which was a bit pricey for the amount of time we had, late late lunch in San Luis Obispo, and winding up in Hollywood around 9pm. I don't quite recommend that but hey it can be done :) Ha.

    Anyway if you have any questions you can PM me. Though I've lived in the Uk for the last fourteen years, I go home alot and I travel around Nor Cal alot when I do.


    Caligal x

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    Thanks for that folks. Will make myself busy searching through previous tips!

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