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    Hi all,

    Found the site really useful, but still have one niggling question:

    Me and my girlfriend are planning to drive from Washington DC to San Francisco and then spend a few days in San Francisco. I've given 8 days for the road part of the trip, which i figured wouldn't give us much time to stop and look around, but is this realistic?

    Was thinking about using US50, but again that might be a lot slower...

    Thanks for any help you can give!


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    Default Within the bounds of Reality

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    8 Days is certainly enough time to make this trip one way. I'd say 5-6 is about the minimum you'd need for the 2800 mile trip, which would involve some long but entirely feasable 500-600 mile days.

    However, those distances are much more difficult to obtain on 2 lane highways. 8 days would be possible, but pushing the comfort limit, if you took US-50 for its entire length. I'd probably stick to the Interstate, at least until you get to the Mississippi River, and then you could jump down to US-50, without worrying about loosing too much time.

    Now if you are looking at 8 days for a round trip drive, I'd say US-50 is not an option, and you'll probably want to add at least 2 days to that just to to make the trip on the interstate.

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    Default Two-lanes in the east

    The Mississippi River does seem to be a boundary line for when the roads start to ease up a bit, with the exceptions of cities, of course.

    One thing you have to ask yourself is - is it about the journey or the destination? If you're set on seeing the sites in San Francisco, then by all means take the Interstate. If you're okay with meandering, I have heard nice things about US-50 in WV.

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    Thanks for replying, guys. I think i will use your advice and extend the road part of the trip to about 10 days - that way we can at least have a days rest built in. It will only be a one-way trip to the west coast, so it shouldn't be too uncomfortable. Both me and my girlfriend are used to driving for days on end in the Scottish mountains anyway!

    Have been enjoying the site - lots of good inspiration here.

    Thanks again

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