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  1. Default Help me plan the trip of a lifetime! SF-LA-SD-LV

    Hi Guys

    I am beginning to plan my first US road trip and would really appreciate as much help as possible to ensure its a good one - I have free air miles flights and can either fly to San Fran or LA - I can also fly in to one and out from the other so pretty flexible. I have 18 days on the road 24 May to 12 June.

    My initial thought was to fly in to SF, spend 3 days there. 2 days and nights on the road and staying in nice towns between to LA then another 3 days there. Then down to San Diego for another 3 nights.
    Then (and this part i am really hazy on) a few nights on the road taking in the best sites and places in a roundabout way to Las Vegas. 3 more nights there before heading back to la to fly back.

    I would appreciate any advice on:

    In which order to go
    places to stay
    the hazy part between SD-LV and back to LA

    Thanks - please provide as much as you can!!

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    Default Suggestion

    Why not start out in LA, go to San Diego, Las Vegas and end with your three days in San Francisco? That way you're not back tracking and you can end you vacation on a peaceful note while goofing around San Francisco.

    Other than that this is an area of the country that this forum gets asked about a lot. Try typing in different things into the search engine above and see what you find. If you have specific questions or are uncertain about some things we'll be happy to help all that we can. It's just easier to respond when we have better guidelines for what you're interests and/or concerns are.


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    Default The ever-popular journey

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Flying in and out of the same place will save you money on your car rental, so you may want to consider a round trip flight.

    The trip you've laid out is perfectly fine. You can make the SD to LV trip in as little as 6 or so hours, or you could add in stops at places like Joshua Tree or Grand Canyon National parks.

    If you went back to SF, you could make the trip through Death Valley and Yosemite. Tioga Pass is typical open by early to mid June, although last spring it didn't open until late June, so you'd have to keep an eye on it.

    As far as other specifics, like places to stay, try searching the forum. There are litterally hundreds of threads about journeys just like yours. I'm sure you'll find some good advice in many of them.

  4. Default Final Planning of CF trip - SD to LV via Havasu city - help!

    The planning for this trip is now nearly complete and the 3 of us fly out in 5weeks!!!
    LA - SD - LV - LA - SF

    1 area of the trip is still not fixed up - the road from San Diego to LV - help please

    I have booked a nights stay on route in Havasu City - I am going to try and take the scenic route avoiding LA - the main question is specifically which is the most scenic route from Havasu to LV - 93 or 95? Hoover dam - can you drive accross?
    Please let me know any suggestions on this or the previous day from SD to Havasu


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    Default I-15 is more scenic than either US-95 or US-93

    Quote Originally Posted by hugo75 View Post
    1 area of the trip is still not fixed up - the road from San Diego to LV -
    In case you haven't looked at these threads yet, now would be a good time to do so.
    I have booked a nights stay on route in Havasu City - I am going to try and take the scenic route avoiding LA
    It could easily be argued that I-15 route is more scenic than the other routes -- but you could include Joshua Tree National Park on your route to Lake Havasu if you wanted to.

    The most scenic section of AZ-95 is between Parker and Lake Havasu. One thing you could easily include on your trip from Lake Havasu to Las Vegas is a sidetrip on historic Route 66 over Sitgreaves Pass and up to Kingman and then follow US-93 (which is a gorgeous route) over Hoover Dam into Boulder City and then on to Las Vegas.


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    Thanks Mark

    I will be doing I15 on the way back from Vegas to LA so that is covered

    will definately take your advice on 95 into Havasu and then the 66 / 93 route into Vegas

    Joshua Park sounds like a good way to make the bit up until Parker interesting - from the map i guess i could join I10 around palm springs and then follow 177 and 62 to Parker - let me know if that doesnt work!

    thanks again

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