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    Hi there all,
    Very quickly I am in the middle of a road trip accross America and I'm working slowly towards L.A.

    I am trying to gauge whether it is possible to drive from San Fran to L.A down highway 1 in a day.

    If it isn't I would like some suggestions of a good place to spend a night along the way.

    I have 3 nights planned in L.A and 3 in San Fran and if I have to spend a night in between it may mean having to cut a night in one of those cities. I have no idea which is the better place to visit so again, if anyone has an opinion on which city is worth a 3 night stay over the other please give me some advice.

    Many Thanks

  2. Default SF to LA

    Hi Bear.
    It is possible to Drive from SF to LA on Hwy 1 in one day, but it might take from 8 to 10 hours depending on traffic conditions. You can drive from SF to Santa Barbara (approx. 340 miles) on the coast in 6-7 hours, and LA is about 100 miles farther south. Pismo Beach is pretty close to midway between SF and LA, and Solvang is a little farther south than Pismo Beach. It's a beautiful drive. Be prepared to pull over frequently for those "wow" moments.

  3. Default San Simeon? San Luis Obispo?

    My usual place to stay about half way down PCH is in San Simeon/ San Luis Obispo. There's several towns in the area that are interesting to stop in -- including Cambria and Morro Bay -- plus it gives me the time to possibly go to Hearst Castle for a tour (about 2 hours). There's a state beach at San Simeon that's right across the higway from the beach for a low coast option, or you can go to SLO for a larger number of hotels near the university.
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  4. Default Why?

    You DON'T want to drive Hwy1 [ in a day] -- You would miss seeing-experiencing most of the beauty.

    Hwy1 [ along the coast from Frisco to Pismo ] is to be "experienced" not commuted upon ;)

    One should breakfast or "sup" @ [ NO lunch ], visit the tall redwoods @ Big Sur, have coffee and cake @ while watching the fog roll in - out,
    visit the gallery , walk the beach @ Carmel, count the deer on the greens @ Pebble Beach while "doing" the drive and seeing how the "gentry" live.

    Don't miss "the" bridge @ Bixby Creek
    pic of my "travelin" car on the bridge

    Watch out for the devil [ @ the slide ;) ]
    Hwy1 is prone to "adjustment" and "notional" as to permancy in some spots ;)
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