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    Hey ya'll

    I will be traveling with my best friend from NYC to MN next Thursday.

    We will be leaving Thursday around Noon.

    We need to be home Saturday probably the afternoon/lunch time, we have to make it back home to Mn for the vikings game (never miss one).

    I am having trouble finding a decent and safe city to sleep in the first night, a hotel.

    I was trying to mapquest ect and it looks like a good spot might be to stop in Toledo, Oh for the night, is that far off track? Otherwise I need your insight on a nice spot to spend the night. After toledo we would head to chicago, cruise the city, lake shore drive and have a bite at ed debevics before driving the six hour drive to minneapolis.

    So what do you guys think

    scenario a. Drive to toledo (be there around 8pm I think)
    Wake up about 630am and do the drive to Chicago, be in chicago around 10ish and spend the afternoon there before driving the six hours home and we could be home on Friday / Sat in the wee hours

    scenario b. truck it to chicago and sleep in chicago then spend the whole day there then drive home....

    i did the nyc run to mn in 18 hours non stop a few years ago but we have a little time.

    i love rd trips, my last two were ca to mn

    btw were from mn flying into pick up a vehicle
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well first off, I'm sure you're aware that on-line mapping routines are notoriously optimistic on driving times. Their estimates do not include time needed for stops of various kinds (gas/food/rest) nor traffic caused delays. New York City to Toledo is around 560 miles. In my experience, hat is a full day's drive, not something to be knocked off in an afternoon. If you leave NYC at noon, you will not arrive in Toledo at 8:00pm; 10:00pm is more like it. Toledo to Chicago is another 250 miles. With an early (6:30am) start, you can get to Chicago around lunch time for your bite, but if you spend too much time cruising the city, you're going to get caught in the Friday afternoon rush leaving town, and that will play havoc with any time-table you might have had. Finally, Chicago to Minneapolis is a shade over 400 miles. again NOT a 6 hour jaunt no matter what MapQuest or any other mapping software says.

    You have budgeted yourself a grand total of 17 driving hours to get from NYC to Minneapolis, which even your speed run experience says is insufficient. You say that you have a little time for this trip (2 days). My suggestion would be to go with Scenario A, but be prepared for the driving portions taking longer than you might expect. In particular, enjoy Chicago but don't plan on leaving before rush hour, rather leave late, get part way to Minneapolis, and then finish the drive Saturday morning when you're refreshed and can enjoy the scenery in the daylight.


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    The trip was a success.

    We left Minneapolis on a flight to JFK (NY) and landed at 10:00 am est.

    We jumped on the subway through some of the ghettos and into Manhatten. For two white guys this was an experience in and of itself

    After the approx 45 minute ride we had our backpacks and toured the world trade center sites then hopped the subway up to times square for some pictuers and souvenirs.

    We picked up the car and headed home at 3pm from New Jersey.

    We stopped the first night around 11pm or so in Sandusky OH, woke up earlier and tore up some of the best coasters in the U.S.

    From then we made it to Chicago about 6pm and partied it up like rockstars at numerous bars until 4am where we crashed at the hotel until noon the next day.

    Saturday we did some sight seeing around chicago, sears tower, hard rock, navy pier ect

    We were on our way home to minneapolis and it was about 8pm when I decided to hit the 151 off the 90/94 to stop at the U of W Madison.

    Booked a room, hailed a cab and went down to State Street, I had always heard of the stories and man was everyone of them true, women and guys, mostly college aged partying hard, there was blocks and blocks of people w/ about 60 bars all in a row.

    At 2am the bars closed and then the after parties and party in the street started it was nutz.

    Left for home at 10am the next morning and made it from madison to minneapolis in about 3 hours.

    The weather: rainy in nyc and pa , some downpour at times but better then the snow I hit through pa last time

    ohio and illinois were nice and sunny but then some rain in wi

    road construction


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    Default Sounds like a wild time

    Quote Originally Posted by elw612 View Post
    The trip was a success.
    Glad to hear it, hope you post more about your adventures some time.


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    I'm glad to hear you had a good time. It sounds like it was at least as good as your ability to tell a story!

    BTW, how fast where you going to make it from Madison to MSP in 3 hours? I've made the trip dozens of times, and even cruising at 75-80 mph, I've never been able to make the trip in less than 4.

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