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    Hi there,

    We're planning to take Hwy 1 from LA to SF, then go to Yosemite and go back to LA via Hwy 5. Our trip will be in the second week of Oct and for about 6 days (say, Tues to Sun.) The scenery will be the major attraction for us. (Our base is in LA, so, the trip doesn't have to include any sight-seeing in LA.)

    Do you have a suggestion as of the itinary? Do you have a recommendation of the accommodation, provided that camping is not an option for us, but we don't mind staying in cabins or hostels. Any other tips or reminders?

    Thanks a lot!!

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    I guess I'd plan to spend 2 days driving up the coast, 2 days in SF, and then overnight in Yosemite on the way back to LA.

    I'm sure SF will have hostel options, although by the time you pay to park your car, you may find that its cheaper to stay in a hotel. You'll just have to search a bit. I'm not sure if you'll find any hostels in other coastal cities, although if I was going to guess, I'd say Montery would be the city most likely to have one.

    Coming back through Yosemite, I'd try to stay right in the park. If you are there midweek, you might be able to find a room in the valley. If not, there are a couple of towns with many hotels about an hour drive away.
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  3. Default Depends on what you like..

    No camping? hmmm..

    One itenerary would be

    Day 1 -- From LA up the coast to San Luis Obispo/ San Simeon area, with stops in Malibu, Santa Barbara, Refugio, Solvang (perhaps Jalama Beach), Pismo Beach, Guadalupe Dunes, and Morro Bay.

    Day 2 -- San Simeon/ Cambria, including Heast Castle and Pedro Blancos Elephant Seal Colony, and then up through Big Sur. I'd do several stops along the way here, with the idea of ending up at Carmel and Monterey or Santa Cruz for the night. Given time and preference you can go lighter on Big Sur and add in 17 mile drive, Cannery Row and/or the Monterey Aquarium.

    Day 3 -- Monterey/ Santa Cruz to San Francisco, with sightseeing all afternoon in San Fran Cisco. Chinatown, Cable Cars, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, etc.

    You can either spend the next day in SF, or cross the golden gate and over to Napa for the night, or go to Yosemite. 2 nights in Yosemite would be well worth it in my opinion. You could even do Yosemite one night and Sequoia the next. My choice would be

    Day 4 -- Napa Sonoma. Some wine tasting, dinner in St Helena or Callistoga.

    Day 5 -- to Yosemite. Sightseeing in Yosemite.

    Day 6 some sightseeing in Yosemite and drive back to LA, heading out right after lunch (about a 5-6 hour drive back, not including dinner, gas or sightseeing stops)

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