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  1. Default Cheap Accommodation in Winter, and costs of motels/hostels?

    Hi guys-im noticing that the opinion of most people on saving money on accommodation is that camping is the best way to go. unfortunately my friend and i are travelling around the states and abit of canada between october and january and so camping doesnt seem as feasible, especially seen as to save money, im thinking we're gonna be using amtrak on the east coast, and then renting on the west. im guessing hostels and motels are the only real option available? what price on average can u expect to pay for these?

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    There are literally dozens of motel chains that service the entire US and much of Canada. At the very low end, these include such chains as Motel 6, Red Roof Inns, Super 8, EconoLodge and a few others. In round numbers, you can expect to pay around $40 (£20) per night, If you can spend around $60 (£30), your choices really start to open up a bit. You can usually find several websites listing the accommodations available in any given town, as well as prices and reviews, by just doing a search on the town name and 'motel'.

    Hostels are much less prevalent in the US than they are in Europe, but you can check out the major organizations in the US here and here.



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