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    4 adults, 1 5 yr old & a rental RV....Our plan is to pick up the RV on the 14th Sept and arrive in San Fran on the eve of the 26th Sept. I'd love some help with approximate distances between places and driving times, also any comments on the route itself?? In addition, we had toyed with the idea of also building in a trip to Monument Valley but have discounted it as too ambitious was this wise?? Any tips or changes would be great!!

    The route: LA to LV in one day, then spend 2 days looking at Grand Canyon & Hoover dam. Leave LV and head to Death Valley to overnight, drive to Owens valley, Palisade glacier and Bishop (overnight). Head to Mammoth & visit Bodie & Mono lake, stay in Lee Vining and then drive to Tuolumne meadows and spend a couple of days in Yosemite before heading to San Fran.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums.

    Overall, I think you've got enough time to enjoy the trip, and it could end up being a grand adventure, but there are a few potential rough spots involved. The foremost of these is that you're going to have 5 people cooped up in a very small space for a very long time. If you all haven't travelled by RV before, I suggest that you sit down together and take our RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz to make sure you're all on the same page as to how the trip should go. Also plan on some time doing separate or even individual activities.

    The first leg from L.A. to L.V. is going to be one of your longest, and that's only about 270 miles. You will need to factor in an extra hour or two to allow for getting out of the city to start, but that's a trip that can easily be done in the day you've set aside for it. Similarly, the second leg to Death Valley is only 130 miles, Death Valley to Bishop 165 miles, Bishop to Lee Vining 65, Lee Vining to Yosemite 20, and Yosemite into S.F. 210. So all your driving legs are very easy. Depending on when you make this trip. however, the road over the Sierras into Yosemite (CA-120) may be closed due to snow, so be sure and keep an eye on the weather and check in with Caltrans if things look at all iffy.


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    Default Read these two articles!

    Quote Originally Posted by sandi View Post
    4 adults, 1 5 yr old & a rental RV....Our plan is to pick up the RV on the 14th Sept and arrive in San Fran on the eve of the 26th Sept
    We published two articles that you ought to read, and in the case of the second one, print it out and take it with you when you pick up your rental!.


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