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  1. Default New Jersey to Portland, Or in 6 Days

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Default What are your goals for the trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by kellyrobbery View Post
    New Jersey to Portland, OR in 6 Days
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! That is a reasonable time span, what kind of ideas are you looking for?


  3. Default NJ to PDX


    I'd love to find out the most scenic route. Should I drive through the Badlands, see Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore or check out Colorado, Utah?

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    Default Limited Time - Limited Options

    Six days is pretty much the minimum required to make the trip you're proposing, so you're going to have to pretty much stick to the Interstates. But you can see the Badlands since they're accessible from I-90, and you can (at the extreme end of what's possible, I think) drive through Yellowstone, but you will only have time for the most cursory view of these great parks. Depending on where you're starting from in Jersey, then you should take I-80 or I-76/I-80 to Chicago, and then use I-90 across WI, MN and SD. Take the drive through the Badlands, but the detour to Mt Rushmore may be more than you can afford in the way of time, and then continue to just past Sheridan, WY where you would head cross country on US-14 to and through Yellowstone. Leave Yellowstone on US-20 to Idaho Falls where you'll return to the Interstates for a final push into Portland on I-15/I-86/I-84. Sorry, but Colorado and Utah are just not in the cards for this trip.


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    Thanks so much AZBUCK!

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