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    Hi Everyone,

    I will be in Las Vegas on Sept 1 - 4. I want to visit Grand Canyon, but because of the length of time, I believe I will only have time for the West Rim of Grand Canyon. I was wondering what is the quickest route to the West Rim from Vegas.

    Are there any other parks or scenic views that I should be considering when I'm in Vegas? Thanks in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Here's a map of all the national parks:

    Maybe you could consider Zion or Bryce Canyon?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The Grand Canyon West Rim is not part of the National Parks system. It actually is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. I really don't know much else about it, howerver.

    Looking on my map, there is an unnamed road right off US-93 that should take you right to it, and if my memory serves from my last trip to the area, I believe there at least are some billboards indicating where to turn.

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    Default West Rim

    As has been pointed out, the "west rim" of the Grand Canyon is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. While it is the closest access to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, you cannot drive all the way to the rim in your own car. You should contact either the tribe itself for a tour from their welcome center to the rim, or make arrangements through your hotel for a tour from Las Vegas. The relevant contact information from the National Parks website is:

    Grand Canyon West (located on the south side of the Colorado River) is managed by the Hualapai Tribe. The Hualapai Indian Reservation is located on the south side of the Colorado River. This land lies outside the boundary and jurisdiction of the National Park Service and is administered by the Hualapai Indian Tribe. Inquiries should be directed to Hualapai Tribe, P.O. Box 538, Peach Springs, Arizona, 86434, (928) 769-2216. They can provide you with driving directions, as well as a rate structure for access to their lands along the rim.

    You might also want to consider the Valley of Fire State Park and the Red Rock Canyon Natural Conservation Area while you are in las Vegas.


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    Default There is a road...

    There is a BIA road from Peach Springs to, not the rim, but the floor of the canyon. It requires permits from the Tribal Office in Peach Springs. I remember seeing this on their website once, but I can't find their website again.

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