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    Hi there,

    I'm wanting to plan a road trip with a friend down the Pacific coast in early May - is that a good time of year to do it? This will be our first long-haul road trip and we want to miss the summer traffic but also the winter weather!

    There'll be two of us travelling and we hope to have 2-3 weeks to do it all - we want to have time to go off the route every now and then to see things that can't be missed.

    Any advice, ideas, recommendations for such a trip gratefully received.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I like May as a time to travel, for the very reasons you specify. The one possible problem is that during certain times of the year, you can be stuck with heavy fog along the coast. However, I think that's a bigger problem in the summer, so I suspect you'll even be ok there.

    The Coastal Route from Washington through Oregon to California has been discussed extensively on the forum. I'd suggest searching the forum, where you'll find many ideas and tips for your trip.

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    Default May is perfect

    May is a great time to travel, but expect cooler temps along the coast, so pack that jacket.

    As midwest michael said, you may run into fog. Wind might also be a problem, so prepare for the possiblility of blustery conditions.

    Have a safe trip!


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    Im probably going to be doing that same trip, except starting in Vancouver. Get a good few weeks in after school ends and before I go make money to pay for another years tuition...the forums here have a bunch of places to visit, the pacific coast is pretty extensively covered. Good luck, have fun

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Tyrel.

    I'm glad you've found luck looking through the forums. As you said, the PCH has been discussed extensively, so there are plenty of tips and ideas for the trip, all the way from Canada to Mexico.

    Of course, if you have any specific questions or concerns, don't hesitate to post them.

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