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  1. Default San Fran to LA to San Diego to Vegas - All in 14 days!!

    Gday guys .. Greetings from Sydney Australia !!

    A friend and I are planning a trip to the US for summer 07. I know its a bit of a wait till then but i keep myself motivated by getting amongst things like this !!
    We are planning to arrive in San Fran for a few days and then hitting the road south to San Diego stopping to see as much as we can along the way. Then from San Diego we plan on driving to Vegas. Weve pencilled in 14 days to get from SF to Vegas.. ?? We will stop in LA for 4 or 5 nights and then head down the so cal coast to San Diego
    I dont have any specific questions at this stage but any info i can gather from guys such as yourselves that know a lot more about this part of the world than me is much appreciated !!! Anything you guys can recommend or suggest will be gratefully appreciated and taken on board to hopefully make this a trip to remember !!

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    Default Questions

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, are you departing from Vegas, or do you have to drive back to SF during your 14 days?

    If you are just going one way, you shouldn't have any problems. You'll need 2 days to drive the coast from SF to LA, a few hours to continue down to San Diego, and then a full day to head back to Vegas. That should leave you with enough time to see what you want.

    Otherwise, there are litterally hundreds if not thousands of posts about this part of the country. I'd start by searching the forum, where you'll certanly find dozens of ideas and suggestions for your trip.

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    Thanks for the welcome Michael

    We will be dropping off the rental car in vegas and flying to NY from there .. Vegas will definitely be the last stop on the actual drive part of the trip
    After reading a few threads last night i realsied that the popular scenic drive seems to be from Santa Cruz south through Big Sur region and onto Santa Maria ?? It sound slike an awesome drive .. with lots to see
    Our blueprint is this .. 3 days in SF , then pick up car and hit the road to LA taking about 3 days to get there and stopping along the way wherever , 5 nights in LA , then 3 days to get to San Diego , again stopping overnight wherever is nice and interesting .. from San Diego do a day trip to TJ Mexico ( probably on a tourist bus type trip rather than drive ourselves .. bit hesitant about headong over the mexican border as novices ) .. then from San Diego drive pretty much directly to Vegas with possible an overnight stopover along the way dependingon what there is to see and do and time restraints
    from Vegas fly to NY for the next leg of the trip ..

    Of course this is all negotiable as we go but thats pretty much the basis of what we want to do ..

    and again thanks for the welcome , ill be hanging around a bit over the next few months so i guess ill see you around


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    Default 3 Days to San Diego?

    Planning 3 days from LA to San Diego is a bit much. You really can make that drive in about 3 hours. I really don't even know why you'd be considering an overnight stop.

    I'd take that time and instead spend more time going from San Diego to Las Vegas. You could work in stops at Joshua Tree National Park or even the Grand Canyon relatively easily under your timeframe.

    As far as TJ goes, as has been mentioned on the forum before, you can take the Trolley (light rail) from San Diego right to the border and then walk across the border. Or after getting off the trolly, you can also hop on a bus for about a dollar that will take you across the border into the middle of TJ.

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    yea weve just started researching so the timeframes really are just a guess at this stage .. but thanks heaps youve been most helpful

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