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  1. Default San Francisco to Phoenix (by way of LA or NV?)

    Hello. I am planning a road trip from PHX-SF and back. We will be doing PH-LA-SF by way of Highway 101 for the first part.

    We are trying to figure out what is the nicest or fastest way back from SF. Is it poss. to go through Lake Tahoe/Las Vegas and back, or should we just go back down to LA?

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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    The FASTEST way from San Francisco to Phoenix is just to head down I-5 to the L.A. area where you'd pick up I-10 to Phoenix. That's about 750 miles of all Interstate routes.

    The NICEST way really depends on what you consider 'nice', but it's certainly possible to head out I-80 and US-50 to South Lake Tahoe, and then take US-395 down to Lee Vining before using CA-120 and US-6 to cut over to Coaldale, NV to use US-95 into Las Vegas and then US-93 back to Phoenix. This route is 940 miles and much of it is on two-lane (but scenic) highways. Whether the extra time and distance is worth it or would even fit into your timetable is a call that only you can make, but it is certainly possible.


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