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    Your email address was removed from your post per forum policy, so please don't take it personally. Still and all, you've piqued my curiosity. You're driving to Tierra del Fuego, and you've actually done it before? That's seriously awesome!

    If your intent is to find riders, please note that this forum has a "Share the Gas" section where you can specify your plans and your needs. If, however, you're looking for like-minded Road Trippers to form a mini-convoy? You need to start a whole new thread, and you need to come right out and say that. A lot of people read these forums. You might just get some takers.

    I traveled that route once myself--but it was 45 years ago, and I hitch-hiked most of the way. Different times, different circumstances, but oh, the memories!

    I have done this trip 13 times via the Pan Am Highway, I did a photo journal for the Trekoftheamercas group doing this.. thanks, I will be happy to give info to other travelers.

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    A total 'sub-set' of motorcyclists, might have some really good info, like packing the bike, what to bring, that sort of thing.

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