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  1. Default trip from baltimore to Las Vegas

    I'm planning to drive from Baltimore to Las Vegas next summer.
    Time is not a problem. i'd like suggestions from any and all as to a really terrific scenic route I could follow to see all the great places along the way.

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    Default When? How long? With whom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Gold View Post
    I'm planning to drive from Baltimore to Las Vegas next summer.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! It can make a difference as to how early in the Summer you want to go.
    Time is not a problem.
    Wow! That is a luxury few of us on this Forum have. There are hundreds of scenic cross-country routes -- Perhaps you could share a little more about your goals for this trip. It is also helpful to us if we know what your roadtrip profile is...


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    Default What's Your Pleasure?

    The short route is just I-70 to I-15 and would require that you cover about 2425 miles, but spends a lot of time on the flat-lands and hits a lot of cities. Since you say that time is not a problem and you want a scenic route, then let me suggest the following as a starting point. Start out on I-70, but quickly switch over to I-81 south along the Shenandoah Valley and the spine of the Appalachians. Then head through central Tennessee on I-40 to Memphis. Do a little two lane driving through northern Arkansas on US-63, US-62 and US-412 into the Ozarks and on into Tulsa. Sample oil and cowboy country on I-44, I-40, US-87 and US-64 out to Raton, NM. Then follow the Front Range north on I-25 to Denver and then travel one of the most scenic stretches of Interstate anywhere by taking I-70 through the heart of the Rockies. Finish off with drives by the great national parks of Utah on I-70 and I-15 to complete the trip to Las Vegas. All of that can be done in just under 2900 miles. But Mark is right. Until we know more about what interests you, how much time you really have, and your travelling style, that's about as much help as anyone can be.

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