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    v r planning to have a road trip from chicago to niagara falls with few stops in other places where v could break the drive n njoy those places. our trip s for 1 week. v r having a 10month old baby with us. this is our first long drive i dont know wht to pack and where to stop to divide the journey how long i should b in those places to see them and how many days i need to b in niagara. any special precaution to b taken while taking the baby to the falls and in the boat? any one who could help me to make n schedule my trip ,plz do it.

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    If you are planning to visit the Canadian side of the fall, make sure you have your passport or birth certificate with you when you cross the border. If just one parent is with the baby, you'll want to have written permission from the other to take the baby out of the country.

    The trip is only about 550 miles, so you can pull it off in one long day of driving if you'd prefer not to stop.

    As far as the boat, I guess it will depend upon what sort of boat you are taking. I'd check with the boat/tour operator for specifics in that regard.

    You can also read How to Plan a Great Road Trip for more help in getting started on your trip.

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