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    My friend and I are just starting the planning of our May 2007 trip from Seattle to New York. We are both newbies at long haul road trips. Any tips would be wonderful! Attractions, cool little hotels, camping spots, anything :) Thanks in advance!


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    Default It will be a big adventure!

    I hope you have a great time.

    But, for us to advise you, it would help to know how much time you have for this x-country jaunt, what types of things you enjoy doing and seeing, and if you have any preference to route, and any other information you care to share.

  3. Default That would help!

    Dana and I are planning on a three week venture. We'd like to travel across the North end of the US to get to NY and then cut across the middle (to Vegas) and then up the coast on our way back. We are really into a lot of things. We are younger girls, we'll most likely hit some po dunk bars, a few tourist attractions but we'd like to spend at least three days in NYC. We're really excited!!

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