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  1. Default That road trip - but over Christmas and New Year!


    I have spent the evening reading the messages from you knowledgable guys on this forum and know that the San Francisco - Las Vegas trip has been mentioned numerous times. However, we are travelling over Christmas and New Year and I would appreciate a bit of 'personal' help.

    So far we are flying into san Francisco on 19 Dec. We will stay overnight there and plan to spend the next 5 days (4 nights) travelling down the coastal road (assuming it's open!) and travelling to Las Vegas. We will spend 24 - 26 in Las Vegas, checking out on 27.

    We then want to make our way back to San Francisco, I guess with an overnight stop (in Bakersfield?) enroute, drop the car off at the airport and carry on to spend 4 nights, including New Years Eve, in San Francisco.

    Please can someone advise whether there is a better way to plan our route? Also, are there any special events in San Francisco to mark New Year (I did a google search and I can only find information about previous year's fireworks)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your plan seems perfectly good to me. You shouldn't have any problems driving the coast (although I'm not sure of the fog conditions at this time of year). You've given yourself plenty of time to make the trip, so you should be fine.

    Coming back, Bakersfield is about the 1/2 way point, although if you are just driving straight through, the LV to SF trip can be made in about a 9-10 hour drive. If you are planning to detour through one of the many potential stops between the two points, then I would recommend a second day.

    I don't know what SF does on New Years, but I'd suspect whatever you found out about last year would at least be a good reference point for upcoming festivities.

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    Hi Michael

    Thanks for the reassurance. I keep reading in books about the coastal road being closed because of landslips over winter - but I took the fact that these hotels are taking bookings as a good sign!

    We were also unsure about doing the Las Vegas - San Francisco trip in one day but we might try that to get some more time in San Francisico. We ahve never been there and it's nice to be able to spend as much time ther (cold or not!) as possible.

    Thanks again - I might be back if I think of any other questions.



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