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  1. Default Days 1-7 of 21 day Western solo shot

    Yes. I have made it thus far. After 1/3 of my journey, im doing great, my budget is good, and i shouldnt have to sleep at a truck stop again (i did the first night but havent since then)

    Ok, so heres a little gist of it:

    In 7 days, i went through NJ, PA, OH, IN, IL, IA, SD, WY, MT, and back into WY. I averaged around 500 miles a day the first 4 days, and thats with enough stopping to take 2,000 photographs in that 4 day span.

    I stopped at the Badlands (go there, please, it is marvelously beautiful, and anyone who doesnt think so doesnt appreciate nature), the Little Bighorn battlefield, and the Beartooth Mountains (for someone from Jersey, this was an unforgetable, mesmerizing, almost life changing experience (i even blasted off a few notes on my didgerydoo from the peak haha)

    Kindest state: Illinois

    Best gas price: 2.79 in Ohio

    Worst gas price: 3.27 in Wyoming

    Best hotel price: the Big Sky Motel in Roundup, Montana, $42 with tax for a 1 night single

    Worst hotel price: Any motel in Wyoming, the Super 8 im at right now was $89 after my AAA discount.

    So my consenus so far?

    Dont sleep or buy gas in Wyoming.
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    Default LOL about WY

    But doesn't the beauty of Wyoming make those prices worth it a bit?

    Sounds like you're having a great trip. Looking forward to hearing more details.

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