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  1. Default Vancouver to San Fran in Nov...road conditions??

    Was planning a trip down the I-5 to San Fran and was wondering if anyone had any input on the typial road conditions around that time. I have heard that in the mountains there may be snow at that time. Any truth to these rumors or am I way off base....thanks!!

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    Default Siskiyous in So Oregon

    The only place that I'm aware of that might cause problems is the Siskiyou Pass at the Oregon-Cali border. It does get occasional snow and ice. I've driven it in the winters without problem but I had friends who went to the Rose Bowl a few years back and the snow was so bad in that pass that it took a few days to clear it and get traffic moving again. I don't recall where they ended up holing up during that time. I think a hotel in Yreka.

    This is pretty rare though. Your best bet is to check the weather reports for that area shortly before leaving and the DOT websites for both states. Here's the links: Oregon California

    While on the road, you can also call 511 to get up-to-the-minute traffic advisories.

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