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    I am living outside of Seattle and needing to drive to Ohio, in September or October, and back. I am a female, mid-thirties who is afraid to fly but needs to get back to Ohio to see my father who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I would like some company for the ride, more for conversation and safety than for the money. My dates are relatively flexible right now. I will be renting an SUV for the trip so I don't put miles on my (leased) vehicle, so the car will be new and reliable.

    I am also considering Amtrak, although I've never taken a train and it's a 48 trip. Anyone who has taken Amtrak and would like to share their experience, I would love to hear from you as well.

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    Default Amtrak

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I hvaen't personally used Amtrak, but I do know several people who have. Its hardly the perfect method of transportation, it tends to frequently get behind schedule, and it can get really pricey if you want to rent a bed to sleep in along the way.

    That said, It still could be a pretty viable option for you. I suspect it would be much cheaper than renting and fueling an SUV, and you should pretty easily be able to find other people to talk to if you can't find anyone else to share the gas.

    Good Luck

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    Default Amtrak #2

    Quote Originally Posted by Toledoan View Post
    I am also considering Amtrak, although I've never taken a train and it's a 48 trip.
    I haven't traveled on Amtrak in over 25 years but I used to love taking the train. I have traveled from NY to LA and several times between Seattle and LA. I would suggest getting a roomette if you do it -- you can still go and sit in the club car for company but there is something magical about waking up in the middle of the night (in a bed) and watching the country roll by.

    Since railroads run through industrial areas, you will see sides of cities you never get to see (or maybe would want to) in a car. But you also get to see parts of America that are off-limits to most of us.

    It is a good option.


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    Default Not So Bad.

    I am also a thirty-three year old single female residing in New Jersey. Recently, I too found myself having to make the long trip from NJ to Arizona where my family lives, by myself, and a bit apprehensive about it. After driving there and back, I can tell you that its not that bad. Traveling alone allows you to be completely in control of your schedule. If you awake early and want to take off - you can just get up and go. You only have to stop when you need to use the restroom or get hungry.
    If you end up having to go it alone here are a few tips. Don't travel a night because well there are alot of reasons. Just don't drive at night. Stay in a decent hotel. Don't be tempted to pull off in one of the more inexpensive places. If you are on a buget, stick with Motel 6 because they're clean and safe. If you stop at an inexpensive "Mom and Pop" type establishment and there is a sign in at the check in counter that says "No Refunds for Early Check Out" - RUN. Do not stay there. They have bugs and when people get in the room and realize that, they want to leave. Remember that you can always politely ask to see the room before you pay if your not really sure about the place. Good Luck.

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    Thanks, Michelle (I am also a Michelle) for the advice. I really appreciate it and it makes me feel better that others have come across this issue before.

    My main concern is driving through Montana and N. Dakota, probably because I've never been to those states and don't know what to expect. I've taken lots of road trips when I was in my 20's, but for some reason I got a little older, became more aware of the dangers in the world, and started getting more nervous.

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Default N. Dakota and Montana driving

    I have driven across North Dakota and Montana on several occasions. There are some pretty amazing stretches of highways through there even if one stays strictly on the interstate system. I drove through there on my own once shortly after high school and loved it to no end. Some stretches of North Dakota get a little dull but there are plenty of rest areas, motels, small towns and other distractions to keep one occupied for such a long trip. As for not driving at night, I agree to a certain extent. I have found that the traffic is usually very minimal, but staying awake during hours that one is normally sleeping will get to be an impossible thing after a few hours. Also at night the critters tend to roam a bit more, which can be scary as some critters are quite large.

    Make the trip solo, if you must and enjoy the route you choose. I always imagine what it must have been like before the days of real roads and coming across some huge rivers and trying to find a way to get across them. Not to mention all the other stuff that could be in the way. Dont fret the long trip as sometimes, those turn out to be the best for ones spirit.

    A good selection of music, audio books and satellite radio(even if one gets a short subscrition service for the trip) will also help pass the long hours on the road. Try to keep a regular schedule(as close to what you normally have now in regards to waking, sleeping, eating, etc) and avoid the drive through as much as possible. The drive through will save you time on the road, but a good sit down meal every day will help keep one in good health and give you a real person to talk to, even if for a few minutes.

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