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    I am driving across country in September and going through Iowa and Nebraska across I-80. I am just wondering about "must see" places to eat, see, or stay. Basically I am just looking for interesting things to do.

    Also, I heard that there is a lot of river tubing in Valentine, NE but was wondering if anyone knew of places closer to I-80 to rent tubes/a river to tube on??


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    I can't think of any places in Iowa or Nebraska for River Tubing that jump out at me - although I'm sure there are some.

    However, I am pretty sure there are lots of River Tubing and other similar activites along I-80 in Illinois. Try doing an internet search for tubing around LaSalle or Ottawa, IL. I'm pretty sure I've seen several places in that area that rent Tubes and Canoes in my visits to that area.

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    I, too, drove through Iowa & Nebraska on I-80 last year....and plan on it next year. The only thing in Iowa is the "largest truck stop in the world". Kind of goofy, but fun. There is also the Hoover Library.

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