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    Default NYC to Memphis

    So my buddy and I are big Elvis fans who have never been to Graceland. We have heard rumors that Graceland may be in a "danger" of development into a theme park, if it isn't already. And we are headed out in December, January or February to see the mystical place.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for stops along with way?

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    Default Detours

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Some of the natural wonders that would be nearby would include The Smokey Mountains, Mammoth Cave N.P., or the New River Gorge in West Virginia.

    If you wanted to stick to the music theme, you also could detour to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland, and check out some of the Country music history sites in Nashville.

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    Default Steps 1 and 2

    There is far more to Elvis than Graceland. For starters, start at the beginning and then move on to the nursery of his career.


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    Default Oddities

    I understand and agree that Graceland is not the be all and end all of Elvis. I am not debating today, the anniversary of his demise.

    However, our goal is to drive to Memphis and see whatever other, non-Elvis, oddities we could see along the way. The largest ________ [fill in the blank], beautiful sights, battlegrounds, and pure americana sites. I have done some very initial research online and have seen the bear pits, the Dolly statue, etc.

    We will be taking a somewhat direct route from NYC through PHIL down 81 (most likely) and exploring along the way to Memphis and then fly home.

    So are there any suggestions for

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    Default Battles

    One battlefield close to Memphis is the Shiloh National Military Park.

    Along I-81 in Virginia, is New Market Battlefield. Here is a page with more battlefields along this corridor.

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    Default A Few More Then

    As far as battlefields go, that drive is just dripping in possibilities. Besides the Civil War battlefields that Tim suggested, there are Morristown National Historic Park (Revolution); Antietam National Battlefield (Civil War); and Fort Frederick State Park (French and Indian Wars)

    For a pure Americana odditiy, how about visiting the grave of the only elephant hung for murder in the US (or possibly the world)?


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    Default Hangin' Low

    Now *THAT* is what I am talking about!

    Great historical battlefields of several eras and a hanging pacaderm!

    See, I grew up in Ohio where we did not have any real oddities. We did have the Blue Hole but no REAL oddities.

    We had other fun stuff but hanging an elephant is priceless!

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