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    Default LA > San Diego > Flag staff> Las Vegas > Yosemite > San Fran > L.A.

    This thread was made by stuart_mcgill

    Any advice on the following trip would be great. I know we will be busy but we want to see as much as possible. Also is it possible to go from Las Vegas via Death Valley and Kings Canyon on the way to Yosemite before going to San Fran.
    Many thanks in advance. Stuart

    Thursday 21st September (DAY 1)
    Arrive L.A., stay at Trade winds Airport Hotel

    Friday 22nd September (DAY 2)
    Drive to Laguna Beach etc, do beach tour. End up in San Diego staying at Banana Bungalows.
    1st Night at Bananas

    Saturday 23rd September (DAY 3)
    See San Diego.
    Possibly go to Sea World or Zoo?
    2nd Night at Bananas.

    Sunday 24th September (DAY 4)
    See San Diego.
    Possibly go to Sea World or Zoo?
    3rd Night at Bananas.

    Monday 25th September (DAY 5)
    Up early to drive to Grand Canyon (Flagstaff). 528 miles (ish)
    Stay at Grand Canyon International Hostel. (1st Night)

    Tuesday 26th September (DAY 6)
    Drive to Grand Canyon (1hr and ½ North)
    Back to Grand Canyon International Hostel. (2nd Night)

    Wednesday 27th September (DAY 7)
    Up early to drive to Las Vegas. (250 miles ish)
    Arrive Las Vegas lunchtime.
    Stay at ____________________.

    Thursday 28th September (DAY 8)
    Leave Las Vegas and drive through Death Valley on way to Yosemite.
    (Las Vegas > Yosemite = 422 miles)
    My basic recommendation would be that you drive through Death Valley from south to north, entering from Amargosa Valley, NV by way of NV-373 CA-127 and CA-190. Take the short detour to see Scotty's Castle and get some of the lore of the valley. Then continue on to join US-395 at Big Pine, CA and head north. Near Mono Lake (worth a look-see) head west on CA-120 through Yosemite National Park before joining I-580 into San Francisco. Between Death Valley and Yosemite, you will have seen the two major "must see"s between your two termini Your total mileage will be about 580, so easily done in two days.Stay in Bishop (CA).

    Friday 29th September (DAY 9)
    Continue through Yosemite arriving in San Francisco evening.

    Saturday 30th September (DAY 10)
    See San Francisco.

    Sunday 1st October (DAY 11)
    See San Fran.
    Drive South.

    Monday 2nd October (DAY 12)
    Drive South.

    Tuesday 3rd October (Day 13)
    Drive South

    Wednesday 4th October (Day 14)
    Stay in L.A.

    Thursday 5th October (Day 15)
    See Hollywood.
    Fly out of L.A. 11.30PM.

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    Default A couple things

    Also is it possible to go from Las Vegas via Death Valley and Kings Canyon on the way to Yosemite before going to San Fran.
    Death Valley is easy to do between LV and Yosemite, however Kings Canyon is a bit more complicated.

    There is no direct route across the sierras into Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. That means you either have to use a pass to the south, either via Bakersfield or through the Sequoia National Monument, or you have to go to Yosemite first and then double back to the south.

    As far as the other details of your trip, I think it looks good. However, I might consider trying to find a place in Williams instead of Flagstaff for your base for the Grand Canyon. It will be closer to both SD and LV, and there are plenty of hotels so you should be able to find reasonably prices rooms faily easily.

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    Thanks for that Michael. I thought that may be the answer with regards to Kings Canyon. I think I will now try and stay in Williams. It does make a lot more sense.

    Just a couple of questions regarding timing and distance.

    How far and how long should it take us to and from

    San Diego > Williams?

    Williams > Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas > Bishop?

    Bishop > San Fran?

    I would also like to know the best places to stop on these drives to see the sights etc.. For example driving through Death Valley on one day and Yosemite on another. Where are the best sights etc..

    Also driving from SF to LA, how many days would you allow to see the sights in between or is literally a 2 day easy drive.

    Many thanks in advace.

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