Hi... I'm hoping to do a road trip through the East US and have not been having a lot of luck figureing out if it's really doable. First off, I am a single woman who wants to travel by myself for a month or so and can leave any time I choose between now thru to Nov and was hoping to spend the nights in my van with the occasional weekly stay at an inexpensive motel or campground for a welcome shower. I'm also taking my bicycle with me and the idea is to find beautiful country to see, and bike ride through, and in general to fully embrace and experience all the beauty that our country has to offer.

A really neat thing I would love to do would be find B&B's maybe in the Amish areas where I could exchange a night of room and board for helping them with a few chores. Does anyone know if this ever happens or am I just dreaming of a Norman Rockwell life?

Has anyone else done a road trip like this by themselves? and if so, did they run into any problems sleeping in the vehicles, etc?

Any advise would be welcomed...
The Adventurer