My husband and I are moving from San Francisco to Boston and planning to leave San Francisco around August 11 and reach Boston on August 22. We will be travelling with our dog. We need advice on planning our itenary and also tips on dog friendly places and hotels. We are not moving with our stuff and thus we have the flexibility of stopping at different places. This will be our first ever roadtrip. The places of interest and a tentative route is:

Day 1 : San Franciso to Idaho(Boise) or Salt Lake City
Please advice on what we should see (places of Interest) in Idaho or Salt Lake City, and also whether we should make a stop between San Franciso to Idaho or Salt Lake City. If so where and what places should we see.

Day 2 or 3: Idaho or Salt Lake City to Yellow Stone National Park

Day 3/4: Yellow Stone to Devils Tower (E. Wyoming)

Day 4/5: Devils Tower to Deadwood to Mt. Rushmore

Day 5/6: Mt. Rushmore to Badlands National Park

Day 6/7: Badlands Natioanl Park to Chicago along Missisippi River

Day 7/8 : Chicago to Dayton (to see a friend)

Day 7/8: Dayton to Niagara Falls

Day 8/9 : Niagara Falls to Boston

Please advice on any other places of interest along this route or tips on dog friendly places. Further if there are suggestion on places we should spend more time, etc. please let me know.

Any help, advice, suggestions or tips would be great.

We are very excited and looking forward to this fun adventure with our precious dog!