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    Default Most Memorable Places to Stay - Near Vegas & S. Utah

    I'm planning a circle route roadtrip from vegas -> Grand Canyon NP -> Bryce NP -> Zion NP -> Vegas. With some added State Parks & Scenic Stops in between. I'm looking for some great places to stay in the vegas area or Southern Utah. Amazing campsites (BLM, NP, Private) as well as interesting ranches or something of the like.

    Could anyone share their best kept secrets? Places you have stayed in Southern Utah or outside Vegas. I'm not looking for touristy hotels/cheap motels/b&bs/busy campgrounds/etc. I'm hoping to hear about the places that were a story of their own.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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    Default Public Lands

    Unfortuantly, I haven't done any camping in Southern Utah (yet), so I can't give you any personal experience. However, a couple days ago Moderator Gen posted This Search Engine which will help you find every Public Campground run by the Federal Government.

    I generally think the more remote a campsite is, the better. If I'm the only person in the campground, I think its perfect. For that reason, I think National Forest or BLM sites suit me best, even though they typically don't offer any services beyond a pit toilet.

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    Default Ruby's Inn at Bryce

    I thought this place was really cool. However, it is a busy campground so it's really not what you're seeking. But it's a very nice busy campground with relatively quiet spots for tent campers and lots of cool amenities and things to do.

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    Default Rainbow Canyon & the Sekmet Temple

    Quote Originally Posted by staceykozak
    Amazing campsites (BLM, NP, Private) as well as interesting ranches or something of the like.
    I know a bunch of places like that. Here is one...

    Take US-93 (Great Basin Highway) north from I-15 and mile or so north of SR-168 take the gravel road headed northeast through the Kane Springs Wash (the sign will say "To Elgin Schoolhouse" -- it is also known as Kane Springs Road). The road, while gravel is well-graded and suitable for just about any normal suspension car.

    Just before you reach the historic Elgin School house turn right (south) on Meadow Canyon Road, you will now be in the lower reaches of Rainbow Canyon. Go past the Rainbow Ranch buildings (it will be obvious) and follow the road as it meanders past the stream and the cottonwood trees. Scattered all through this area are campsites, fish in the stream, birds etc.

    To continue on your journey, retrace your route but stay in Rainbow Canyon , just after the school house the gravel turns to pavement and becomes NV-317 -- this is the same formation as Zion and almost no one goes there -- it is GORGEOUS. Continue north, (if you want a less primative camping experience -- the Kershaw Ryan State park is just to your right) -- you will re-join US-93 at Caliente (nice hot spring here) and then continue north again as Meadow Valley Wash opens up. At NV-319 turn east into Utah where it becomes UT-56 into Cedar City and from there into Bryce and beyond.

    For something to see and experience -- there is a Sekhmet Temple about 45 minutes north of Las Vegas -- pretty nice ceremonies under the desert sky! Dedicated to an Egyptian goddess, this temple is near Indian Springs, about fifty miles north of Las Vegas on Highway 95. Ceremonies are held on full moons, new moons, and holidays. I attended one of the Full Moon ceremonies a couple of years ago (everyone is invited for Full Moon, New Moon is for women only) -- it is a very interesting and life-enhancing tradition -- you have learn how to cackle -- but cackling at a full moon is kind of fun.

    Happy Hunting!

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