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    Default Daylight times

    I'm sure this is probably somewhere on the forums, or even on your site - but I couldn't find an obvious link.

    I want to avoid driving when it's too dark whenever possible, so I was wondering what the rough hours of daylight are in the South West (e.g. California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada). I'll be there during mid-September.

    I just need approximates..


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    Default Try This!

    I found this link for a Sunrise and Sunset calculator by the Government's Weather Geeks at NOAA.

    Just remember, Arizona does not take part in Daylight Saving Time, the rest of the SWern states do.

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    Great link! Thanks.
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  4. Default Another "almanac" site you can use also has an almanac section. You can use it to look at the local times for sunup, sundown (including civil twilight, and astronomical twilight), as well as for historical weather in specific areas over the last decade or so. You can also pull out weather averages by day, week, or month from their data base, as well as past historical weather data.

    It's not perfect -- it uses the data base from the NOAA weather stations which are primarily at regional airports, so you may end up getting reference data from an airport a dozen or so miles away from where you were looking. But that's not bad...

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