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  1. Default 7 Days Denver to San Diego (via Grand Canyon)

    Any suggestions would be helpful! I am new to this!

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    Default We need a little more from you

    Quote Originally Posted by ireimp
    Any suggestions would be helpful!
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! We now know your start and destination, and there are hundreds of posts on this Forum that discuss routes in this area, but we need to know a little more about your hopes and expectations before being able to offer many tips.


  3. Default Sorry about that!

    I was in my local internet cafe and ran out of time....when I typed the post I only had 26 seconds a little more detail is needed....let me see....

    I am Irish and travelling with a friend. We visit California every year but this year we have decided to fly from California to Denver. We arrive on the 29 Aug and have three nights in Denver (to get over jet lag). We have yet to purchase our travel guide for Colorado.

    We pick up our hire car on the 1 Sept and plan see some of Colorado state (we have given ourselves three nights, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sept). Then we head for Flagstaff but haven't decided whether to stay in Flagstaff and book at tour to the Grand Canyon (I did this in 1993 while backpacking) or drive directly up to the Grand Canyon and stay at the village. Any suggestions? Either way we plan to stay two nights there (4th and 5th Sept) with a full day at the Canyon.

    From there we haven't really been able to piece our trip together. We are looking at staying in Yuma as to drive from Phoenix to San Diego we think will take 6 hrs (correct me if I'm wrong). We must arrive in San Diego by the 7th Sept (or the 8th Sept at the latest) as this is the date our car hire ends. Although we are thinking of extending it by a couple more days. We then stay in San Diego (our favourite place!) and leave for New Zealand (our adopted home since 2003) on the 12th Sept.

    As we are new to all this road trip stuff any (and I mean any) suggestions would be fantastic. I did some backpacking (via Greyhound, what an experience!) in 1993 and would love to show my friend some of the beautiful sights that I experienced.

  4. Default Sounds like the start of a nice trip

    Hi ireimp --

    Sounds like you've got the front and end of a nice trip laid out. A couple of options, if I may?

    -- If you're in Colorado, and you like hiking, its possible to bag a "14" (a 14,000' peak) with a day hike, with a little bit of planning. I've always wanted to do that in CO, but not had the chance

    -- You have a couple of options for heading SE through Colorado and Utah and seeing some of the back country that's off the beaten path. One option is to go south through Moab, and Arches National Park, and potentially through Canyonlands National park, down towards Glen Canyon and Monument Valley, before heading more westward and coming in towards the Grand Canyon at Cameron and Desert View.

    -- There's another option which cuts more southerly, through the old mining town of Durango in Colorado, which brings you in at Mesa Verde National Park (Indian Cliff Dwellings), and then westward through Canyons of the Ancients, 4 Points, and near Monument Valley before following path into the east side of the Grand Canyon at Cameron and Desert View.

    If you're camping you can stay in some amazingly scenic spots, and in September you'll be out of the tourist season, so you'll not be in high tourist traffic anywhere (except maybe the GC). (And these are not the most trafficed National Parks, anyway....)

    I kinda hate repeating paths, so if you want to spend a full day in the GC, you might considering spending the night somewhere like the trading post at Cameron, or at the GC Village, or nearby, or even at Williams (about a hours drive out of the park). Flagstaff does have the best selection of hotels and lodging, and is very convenient to head south through Sedona.

    As you note, its around 5-6 hours from Phoenix to San Diego via the fastest route (Interstate 8). Given the specifics haven't been worked out on your schedule, a bit of a detour route would be swing a bit north from Yuma through Brawley, and come in somewhat northerly through Borrego Springs and the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. There's a very nice day hike at Palm Canyon up to a Palm Oasis, and some interesting hikes near Scissors Crossing/ Vallecito, and the road (California 78 comes up from the desert into Julian, an old mining town in the mountains in the back side of San Diego County. This is much more a backroads route, other than on the superhighway, so it will be quite a bit slower with more winding country and mountain roads.

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