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  1. Default A more longer round road trip MD-west-and back to MD

    Hi there,

    Basically I want to travel all across the USA for a not determined amount of time. *Except* I'm guessing around 6 months or less is ideal. It could be 1 month or 6. Depends I suppose. Gas is awful priced right now... So I'm looking for someone(s) interested in traveling along the way. The reason I want to take this trip is to just get this feeling out of my system. I can't explain what it means, but it's something I feel I need to do before I get into a career, a house and a family thing started. I'm a student and will graduate the end of March... I could pretty much just start working and end it like that. But I really need to do this travel thing. Originally I was thinking about traveling the world... but I don't have the funds/resources, so I just decided against that.

    Anyways, for this road trip I really want to hit the sites, sounds, cities, parties, clubs, events, festivals, whatever is out there to see. I'm going to journal, blog, and take as many pictures as I can. I don't exactly have a route yet on where to head. I know certain cities I want to hit because of friends/family I know there and could probably get a shower there. I wouldn't mind staying in certain cities for a few days... a week, whatever as long as things are cool, etc, etc. There are certain events I probably want to hit and that might be some time issues there... but I'll get that all in order beforehand of course. I'm thinking of going in a oval... From MDheading way south (FL) and then all the way west to CA, then northern CA, then all the way northeast (through NV) all the way back to MD/DC. At least that's the rough idea of the whole thing. I want to have a basic driving route plan. My plan is to leave around April 3rd-7th of 2007 and return no later then Oct 4th 2007. I'm not going to save up tons and tons of money because of personal reasons and also I have a limited amount of time to save all this anyway. So I don't plan on staying at luxury hotels or eating at 5 star places everyday. I actually plan on sleeping in my car, very cheap motels, camp grounds (w/ a tent of course. lol), and crashing friends/family/hostels/random nice people we meet(LoL). The cheap motels and hostels will be good for showers I've heard is a good idea. Plus stopping at laundromats to clean sleeping bags and clothes are other good hygiene plans as well. I've also read about some short term job programs at some hostels. Sleep there and earn some $$$. ^__^

    Info About me: I'm 23 female. Multi racial, non hippy. I actual go to hippy events (they are fun) but I'm not actually one itself. I'm also *not* a vegetarian or vegan (I eat some meat). I do have a dark sense of humor at times, but over all pretty laid back and avoid drama. I'm not totally athletically incline, but I'm not weak either. I just can't hike miles and miles... quickly. I also can't exactly swim, lol. I do enjoy girlie things at times like the mall and shopping for clothes. I totally love my cell phone to death. I'm also a fan of video games and hopefully will be bringing a nintendo DS with me for amusement. I do drink once in a while go clubbing and I do party time to time. Also, I do smoke, only when I drink though... not in my car or anything like that.

    What I'm looking for: I'm looking for travel partner(s). Getting that out of the way... I would like someone to split the cost of things... gas, rooms, whatever needed for travel. I don't expect you to pay for my laundry, food, or extra expenses. Just the basics or your part of a event or something we've agreed on doing. I'd like to travel with someone who has a sense of humor and who is mostly drama free. Though I know there can be drama here and there. I also would like someone who isn't going to get homesick by the end of the first week and bail out on me. ~_~ There will be times when we'll probably have to sleep close to each other or whatever and i don't want to deal with someone who's all freaky about that. Hostels can have up to 8 people in them, and tents... well, are small. LoL. You get the picture. I also would like someone who's not against a good drink or party here and there. I know people enjoy museums... but I don't want to do JUST that everyday. Make sense?

    Well, thank you for reading this. Reply if your interested!


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    Default Sounds like a Quest to us

    Quote Originally Posted by SailorMoonStar
    Basically I want to travel all across the USA for a not determined amount of time. *Except* I'm guessing around 6 months or less is ideal.
    We call these types of adventures -- Quest RoadTrips, here is one explanation of what that means and here is a poll where you can share info about whether or not we have it right.
    Gas is awful priced right now...
    In a year, we will look back fondly at these prices and think how "low" they were.

    Good fortune with your trip!


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